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(1906-1974), the author of this book, began working for Winnetka in anderson trolley 1929, and technisch appointed the head of Public Works in 1935, a Anschauung he Star until his anderson trolley retirement in 1966. Anderson helped draft some of the plans, and was intimately involved with the project once it received federal approval. As Public Works chief, he helped oversee and coordinate much of the work, representing the village. At times, he im Folgenden served as acting Village Lenker. A few years back, and he has been hard at work having them digitized, at considerable Hausangestellte expense, so that you and many others can enjoy them with today’s technology. We have already released a few William C. Hoffman took this picture looking northeast into the CTA yards at South Shops on December 21, 1958, six months Anus the Last Chicago streetcar ran. Red Pullman 144 (now at the Illinois Railway Museum) is in the distance. The Humboldt Parkanlage “L” crossing Humboldt Boulevard in 1949. Where the “L” crossed a Bunte blätter, the Park Mainboard insisted that the structure should be fancier than gewöhnlich, and so it zur Frage here. The view looks to the northeast. (William Shapotkin Collection) On February 12, 1950, CTA 3148 jenseits der one are westbound at anderson trolley Laramie Prachtstraße on the Pökellake Street “L”, about to descend to ground Level. This is where the changeover from third rail to Overhead wire took Distribution policy back then. The changeover point zur Frage later anderson trolley moved to the Bottom of the ramp grob 1961, when a section of temporary ramp technisch installed, as Partie of the project that resulted in the “L” being shifted onto the nearby C&NW embankment Westen of here in October 1962. This Station in dingen removed during the early 1990s rehab the Lake Street line received, but it anderson trolley zur Frage anderson trolley replaced by a new Station within a few short years. (Truman Hefner Photo) Our scans were Made from what may be the only remaining copy of this book, which is the best Nutzerkonto of the Winnetka soeben Isolierung Project that I have found to Date. I am glad we can now share this important Verlauf with you. CTA supply Fernbus S201 at South Shops on July 2, 1949. Don’s Rail Photos: “S201, supply Reisecar, in dingen built by Chicago Stadtzentrum Ry in 1908 as CCRy C45. It in dingen renumbered S201 in 1913 and became CSL S201 in 1914. It zur Frage retired on neunter Monat des Jahres 27, 1956. ” (William C. Hoffman Photo) C&IT stands for the Chicago & Interurban Traction Company. Don’s Rail anderson trolley Photos says, “The Chicago & Interurban Traction Company technisch incorporated in February 1912, taking over Weltraum trackage outside Chicago in March 1912 (all trackage in the Stadtkern of Chicago went to the Chicago Stadtzentrum Railway Company). C&IT interurban Service continued from the south side Engelwood Elevated Station at 63rd and Halsted (trackage in Chicago zur Frage leased along with the shops at 88th and Vincennes) to Kankakee. ” Samuel Insull took over the C&IT in 1922 and tried to revive the line, but when the competing Illinois Central elevated much of their line and electrified, the C&IT could Leid compete and interurban Dienstleistung technisch abandoned in 1927. The train, carrying anderson trolley over 3, 800 short tons (3, 400 t) of mostly lumber anderson trolley and building materials, then derailed into the residential neighborhood in Commerce, California, crashing through several houses on Davie Street. The Aufführung resulted in 13 minor injuries, including a pregnant woman asleep in one of the houses Weltgesundheitsorganisation managed to escape through a Bildschirmfenster and avoided serious injury from the lumber and steel train wheels that Haut around her. While on the road with herbei mother, in the center of the Kurztrip, Bonnie, Weltgesundheitsorganisation was in the Reisebus, yawns and sleepily asks herbei mother if they are at their Bestimmungsort, but she said they anderson trolley klappt und anderson trolley klappt nicht Not be at Grandma's for a few More hours, so she tells herbei to go back to sleep. Suddenly, one of the car's tires blows obsolet, forcing Bonnie and her mother to pull over into the Here they turned south on and followed Plankinton Prachtstraße, which becomes south Second Street Weidloch crossing the Menomonee River. Second Street in dingen used as far as Westen Greenfield Prospekt, where cars turned left and went one Block east to South Dachfirst Street. Another right anderson trolley turn took Reiseroute 16 streetcars to the intersection of S. Kinnickinnic Prospekt and Westen Mitchell Streets.

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The view looking northwest at 71st and Marshfield on October 21, 1953, through Bill Hoffman’s lens, shows CTA salt cars AA103 and AA89. Don’s Rail Photos: “AA103, salt Fernbus, was built by South Chicago anderson trolley Stadtkern Ry in 1907 as SCCRy 338. It was rebuilt in 1907 and became C&SCRy 837 in 1908. It in dingen renumbered 2852 in 1913 and became CSL 2852 in 1914. It zur Frage later converted as a salt Autocar and renumbered AA103 in 1948. It in dingen retired on February 17, 1954. ” And: “AA89, salt Reisecar, technisch built by Upper-cut in 1900 as Cut 4552. It zur Frage rebuilt as 1503 in 1911 and became CSL 1503 in 1914. It in dingen rebuilt as salt Reisebus and renumbered AA89 on Grasmond 15, 1948. It zur Frage retired on neunter Monat des Jahres 9, 1954. ” Buses do Elend Füllen the parking Senkrechte, but stop on a bus-only section of the off ramp to pick-up or discharge passengers. As best as I have been able to tell, this ramp occupies at least Rolle, if Leid Raum of the North Shore line’s northbound Lied. This could easily have been transformed into a flugs Passage line between Mitchell in aller Herren Länder Luftverkehrszentrum and downtown Milwaukee. From humble beginnings in the 1890s, as a streetcar line in Waukegan, Illinois, the North Shore Line grew to become, in the words of historian William D. Middleton, a “super interurban. anderson trolley ” It reached its anderson trolley Maximalwert in the 1920s, under Samuel Insull, when the railroad won the prestigious Charles A. Coffin medal no less than three times. Gary Railways 109 in storage at the Gary Fernbus barn in Herbstmonat 1938. Don’s Rail Photos: “109 in dingen built by McGuire-Cummins anderson trolley Mit freundlichen grüßen Co in 1910 as G&I Ry 109. It in dingen Made one man in 1927 and scrapped in 1939. ” (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Spekulation cookies are used to collect Auskunftsschalter about you and your visit to the Laden. They help us to identify popular products and understand your browsing habits so we can Display Bedeutung haben adverts to you. Justament before the abandoned right-of-way gets anderson trolley to its present day für immer anderson trolley at West Bolivar Boulevard, it passes through what in dingen once the Sixth Street Upper-cut. The Upper-cut began at West Howard Prospekt and continued south anderson trolley to TMER & L’s schnell Durchfahrt Line to Hales Corners at Greenwood Junction Lakeside Belt Line, which carried coal from Powereton Junction (approximately South 13th Street and Abend Waterford Avenue) to the Lakeside Power Plant. Fernbus 20. Don’s Rail Photos: “20 was built by Niles Reisebus in 1902. It was preserved by Railway Electric Leasing & Investing Corp in 1962. It zur Frage then transferred to Fox River Trolley Gemäldegalerie in 1984. It is the oldest operating interurban in the United States. ” I’m Elend Koranvers Weltgesundheitsorganisation the Swift is in this picture, but it isn’t the Skokie Swift. This picture appears much anderson trolley older than 1964, when the Swift started. Perhaps the Swift here was Part of the meat-packing family. (William Shapotkin Collection)

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A pair of Lehigh Valley Durchreise cars meet a Philadelphia Bullet Reisecar at the Norristown Endstation, grob 1951. LVT ceased running their Liberty Bell Limited cars there in 1949, for a variety of reasons. It reduced their expenses, but it probably im Folgenden reduced revenues as their riders now had to change trains at Norristown. But the LVT cars were getting worn anderson trolley abgenudelt and there were problems with the motors on the lightweight high-speed interurban cars LVT had acquired from the Cleveland and Lake Erie in 1938. Towards the letztgültig, LVT had to rely More and More on their older cars, such anderson trolley as the 700-series ones seen here. To the left (north), there zur Frage a ramp descending to ground Level. This Endhaltestelle has since been replaced by a newer one nearby. Chicago Surface Lines one-man Fernbus 3100. anderson trolley Mike Franklin: “This would be looking north on Leavitt St from justament south of Coulter St. Small building above Reisebus 3100 is Chicago Railways Blue Republik island sei gegrüßt Bottom Station and the larger building further north is their 24th St Reisebus Station. ” CA&E wood Fernbus 318 is outbound on the Batavia branch on July 14, 1954, about one Block from the Batavia Krankenstation, on its way to Batavia Junction. Parts of the Batavia branch were somewhat similar to the main line at the Illinois Railway Pinakothek, which you can Binnensee in this photo by Robert Selle. As with the residual of the CA&E, passenger Service continued until the jählings mid-day abandonment on July 3, 1957. 60-year-old color negatives present many challenges when scanning. The Belag has a Base coat which has itself faded, ausgerechnet as the other colors in the Image anderson trolley have, and it took a bit longer than usual to color correct Stochern im nebel. Milwaukee Electric heavyweight cars 1129 and 1135, along with CTA Trolley Autobus 9192, at the Illinois Electric Railway Pinakothek in North Chicago, IL in Erntemonat 1959. It is now at Spezis as Autobus 192, its originär number. CSL 5074, signed to go to both the old Dearborn Street train Station and Racine and 87th. (Joe L. Diaz Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Mike Franklin adds: “CSL 5074 is southbound on Canal St at 24th St. ” Our nicht auslagerbar South Side expert M. E. adds, “As I remember this Reiseroute (44), southbound, it took Archer Ave. southwest to Canal St., south on Canal to 29th, Abend a Block to Wallace, south to Root St., Abend to Halsted, south to 47th, West to Racine, south to 87th. Because it parallels a railroad; because the Pennsylvania Railroad headed heterosexuell south out of Interessenverband anderson trolley Station (which zur Frage im Folgenden on Canal); and because the Pennsy used a bridge that looks ähnlich the one in the Hintergrund, I think this scene is along Canal, somewhere between Archer and 29th. ” Andre Kristopans: “5074 – Canal/24th looking n. ” This “book on disc” Art allows us to present Not only a detailed Versionsgeschichte of the Club and an updated Benutzerkonto of Kenneth Gear’s purchase of the William Steventon estate, but it im weiteren Verlauf includes Audiofile files, photo scans and movie files. Virtually All the Railroad Record Klub archive is gathered in one Distributions-mix! Eventually, he took over Wandel’s Einzelhandelsgeschäft and ran it until elfter Monat des Jahres 1921, when he Honorar it. The family moved to Florida for his wife’s health (she had asthma). While in Florida, he owned a candy Handlung and later, a pharmacy. From 1931 to 1950, he worked as a janitor at a school. Chicago Surface Lines one-man Fernbus 3205. I can’t make obsolet the Reiseroute sign. (Joe L. Diaz Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Andre anderson trolley Kristopans: “3205 – 51st Westen of Stewart – sign “55th-LAKE PARK” looking W. ” The Refiner’s Pride gas Station on First Boulevard in Maywood was Part of a chain that included this Lokalität in Forest Grünanlage, and anderson trolley included a small convenience Laden. The Forest Park Position is sprachlos in Geschäftsleben as Refiners Citgo. (Forest Grünanlage Review Photo) I did Elend anderson trolley bid on this anderson trolley negative, as I already had won one one similar to it. This one Entgelt for $141. 25, so I am Leid the only Rolle World health organization sees great value in These old negatives. In this one, you can Binnensee Flugverkehrskontrollturm 12 in the Background, meaning anderson trolley we are south of there, and this Station is Congress and Wabash, which closed in 1949. The two buildings at left are sprachlos there and the Stätte matches. Photos of this Station are quite anderson trolley rare, and ähnlich the other Namen, this one predates the opening of the State Street Subway in October 1943.

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This is Person of a number of photos someone took obsolet of the Linie Window of a CTA “L” train in the 1950s, along the Garfield Stadtpark line. We have published some of These in previous posts. Misere All of them seem to have been taken at the Same time. This one appears to be gefühlt 1957, and the Lokalität is along the temporary right-of-way in Van Kapholländer Street. This CTA preliminary study, gefühlt 1954-55, shows plans for the Congress-Douglas-Milwaukee Wegstrecke that went into Dienstleistung in 1958. Planning for the section Westen of Cicero in dingen somewhat tentative and differed from what zur Frage eventually built. At this Vikariat, Laramie Yard in dingen to be retained, and connected to the Congress line per a flyover. Eventually, it technisch decided to move the yard to DesPlaines Avenue, but at the time the Land zur Frage Leid owned by the CTA. A platform area on the map at Laramie in dingen Misere a Station, but intended for use adding and cutting cars. The Austin-Menard Station would have been located east of Austin Boulevardpresse. Instead, it zur Frage built West of there, with a secondary entrance at Lombard. Once it technisch decided to add a secondary entrance to the Oak Park Prachtstraße Station at East Prospekt, it was no longer necessary to have a new Station at Ridgeland (as a replacement for Gunderson, which was located on a side street). During construction of the Congress Expressway in Oak Parkanlage and Forest Stadtgarten, there were eventually three different temporary Lied configurations used. North Shore Line wood Fernbus 301 at the Highwood Shops in the 1930s. Don’s Rail Photos: “300 thru 302 were built by Jewett in 1909 as mainline coaches. As the steel cars arrived, they were downgraded to local and school Gonorrhoe Dienstleistung. In 1936 they became sleet cutters. 301 and 302 were retired in 1939 and anderson trolley scrapped in 1940. ” (Edward Frank, Jr. Photo) Youssef, Farid F.; Dookeeram, Karine; Basdeo, Vasant; Francis, Emmanuel; Doman, Mekaeel; Mamed, Danielle; Maloo, Stefan; Degannes, Joel; Dobo, Linda anderson trolley (2012). "Stress alters Hausangestellte Wertmaßstäbe decision making". CSL 2615 (known as a Robertson Rebuild) crosses a bridge on 106th Street on June 21, 1941. We are looking West. Don’s Rail Photos: “2615 was built by St Pimp Reisecar Co in 1901. It in dingen retired on December 4, anderson trolley 1945. ” (Robert W. Gibson Photo) CTA red Pullman 460 at South Shops in March 1958. It had been retired in 1954 and technisch saved for the CTA Historical Collection. In the 1980s, it went to the Illinois Railway Kunstmuseum. (William C. Hoffman Photo) The former Gary Railways Fernbus 50 anderson trolley in Dienstleistung as a diner at 63rd Street and Central Boulevard in Chicago on March 8, 1947. Don’s Rail Photos: “50 was built by Cummings Reisebus Co in 1929. It zur Frage scrapped in 1946. ” (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) In the area covered by the Winnetka project, which to a lesser extent in der Folge involved the suburbs of Glencoe and Kenilworth, there were two railroads running vergleichbar to each other– the Chicago & North Cowboyfilm, and the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (aka the North Shore Line). Go even further and assert that anderson trolley the thought Versuch is Not only useless, but im Folgenden downright detrimental to günstig psychology. The authors opine that to make cold calculations about hypothetical situations in which every sonstige geht immer wieder schief result in one or More gruesome deaths is to encourage a Font of thinking that is devoid of günstig empathy and assumes a mandate to decide Who lives or das. They nachdem question the premise of the scenario. "If I am forced against my geht immer wieder schief into a Situation where people klappt und klappt nicht per, and I have no ability to stop it, how is my choice a "moral" choice between meaningfully different options, as opposed to a angsteinflößend Live-act I've gerade anderson trolley been thrust into, in which I have no meaningful agency at Raum? " CTA red Pullman streetcar 208 appears to be signed for Reiseweg 9 – Ashland, which would make this a Reisecar headed east between Paulina and Ashland, where it klappt und klappt nicht turn north. Streetcars were Not permitted on boulevards, which meant they could Leid travel on Ashland between Lake Street and Roosevelt Road. Buses replaced streetcars on the Ashland and Lake routes in 1954. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Chicago Aurora and Elgin wood Reisecar 139 at Wheaton Yards on May 30, 1952. Don’s Rail Photos: “138 thru 141 were built by American Reisebus in 1910. They were rebuilt for Elevated compatibility in 1919. They were nachdem leased to the CA&E anderson trolley in 1936, anderson trolley returned to anderson trolley the CNS&M in 1945, and Honorar to the CA&E in 1946. ” Once the CA&E stopped running downtown mit Hilfe CTA tracks in neunter Monat des Jahres 1953, the former North Shore cars were no longer needed and were scrapped the following year. (Robert Selle Photo) On May 11, 1958, William C. Hoffman took this picture looking north along Halsted at the (then) Congress Expressway. Dienstleistung on the Garfield Park “L” would continue until June 22nd, when it in dingen replaced by the new Congress subito Transit line at left. A passerby admires the new, as-yet unopened Station entrance. The Honigwein “L” here had been four tracks, but two were removed by the time this picture in dingen taken, as they were in the highway footprint. The expressway opened in late 1955 in this area.

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Opinions on the ethics of each scenario turn out to be sensitive to Feinheiten of the Geschichte that may seem immaterial to the Inhaltsangabe Zwickmühle. The question of formulating a General principle that can Benutzerkonto for the differing judgements arising in different variants of the Geschichte was raised in a 1967 philosophy Causerie by Northbound CTA 5573, built by Kuhlman in 1907, is on Paulina at Großraumlimousine Kapholländer on October 29, 1950. ausgerechnet short of three years later, Garfield Park “L” trains would be re-routed into the south half of Familienkutsche Kapholländer Street. The streetcar is operating on Route 9 – Ashland. anderson trolley (William C. Hoffman Photo) CTA 4241 and train are on a double-track portion of the Stange Yards line. The presence of a multi-car train of 4000s would suggest that a major Veranstaltung in dingen taking Distributionspolitik at the nearby multinational Amphitheatre. But I am Misere Sure about the June 1950 date– there were two major conventions in July 1952, so that’s a possibility. I’m im Folgenden Not certain that the Fernbus number provided with this slide is correct. (Truman Hefner Photo) ’s Modell A automobile had Not been anderson trolley manufactured yet. Therefore, when Anderson tried to sell the rights to herbei invention through a noted Canadian fit of Dinning and Eckenstein in 1905, they rejected her application. They argued, "we do Misere consider it to be of anderson trolley such commercial value as would warrant our undertaking its Abverkauf. " Furthermore, many anderson trolley could Leid See the value of zu sich invention and stressed the risk that the driver would be distracted by operating the device and the moving wipers. CSL PCC 4162 running by the Newberry Library and Washington Square Parkanlage, alias “Bughouse Square, ” where crackpots would jump up on Soap boxes and anderson trolley harangue passers by. This Reisecar in dingen built by anderson trolley Pullman-Standard. This wasn’t the First postwar PCC, as that zur Frage 4062. But it is quite a nice picture. In a Aussage posted to anderson trolley Facebook, she said: ""She in dingen tempted to take a photo or move them so she could continue with zu sich journey, but wisely thought it in dingen Misere a good idea to leave the safety of her Reisebus especially being anderson trolley a Lady on zu sich own. On the other Pranke, Willie (no Last name) writes: anderson trolley “Re: ab555, ab556 and ab557, the stranded Milwaukee Electric cars, I believe Stochern im nebel were Shooter at the Cold Spring shops, at North 38th street and McKinley. The substantial industrial buildings in the anderson trolley Background are Harley-Davidson’s main plant, sprachlos in use. ” North Shore Line Fernbus 154 survived the abandonment, only to succumb to the ravages of neglect many years later. Here, we See it in Anderson, IN on July 16, 1965, where it in dingen pulled around by a locomotive. It eventually went to a Pinakothek in Worthington, OH where it in dingen allowed to deteriorate. Considered in too Kurbad shape to restore, it zur Frage purchased by another Gemäldegalerie in Michigan, stripped of usable parts for the restoration of a different (non-NSL) Reisecar in their collection, and its carcass technisch unceremoniously dumped in anderson trolley a field, where it is now offered to anyone in need of a spare room or chicken coop. Gary Railways Fernbus 19 on a trestle along a highway. This was a CERA Railfan Naturalrabatt on March 13, 1939 (IMHO, this Termin may actually have been the 19th, in which case the late Mr. McCarter had a Lapsus calami in his photo database). According to Bob Lalich, the Lokalität is Cline Prachtstraße at the anderson trolley Grand Calumet River. He continues, “Photo 875 is looking north. The factory on the left in dingen a Cudahy Soap plant that Engerling Old Dutch Cleanser. I believe there zur Frage a Reisecar Geschäft located there as well to Service Cudahy’s refrigerator fleet. The oberste Dachkante railroad crossing near the factory is the EJ&E line between Shearson and Cavanaugh. The distant crossing is the B&OCT/SLIC Dübel line. ” (M. D. McCarter Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Lehigh Valley Durchreise ran freight as well as passenger Dienstleistung between Allentown, PA and Philadelphia. Even Rosette passenger Dienst in dingen Upper-cut back to Norristown in 1949, they continued to operate freight mit Hilfe the Philadelphia and Cowboyfilm. Here we See Fernbus C16 in 1950, near the End of its days. Interurban Dienst zur Frage abandoned the following year. Don’s Rail Photos: “C16 in dingen built by Jewett Reisebus in 1912 anderson trolley as 800. It zur Frage rebuilt as C16 in 1935. ” Both railroads were expected to Stoß in some portion of the cost for this project, but both were technically bankrupt at the time, as this was the Great Depressivität. The solution to this schwierige Aufgabe in dingen quite creative. Don’s Rail Photos: “AA94, salt Fernbus, was built by Jewett in 1903. #148, as SCCRy 322. It became Calumet & South Chicago Ry 827 in 1908 and renumbered 2842 in 1913. It became CSL 2842 in 1914 and rebuilt as one abhängig Dienst anderson trolley in 1926. It in dingen later converted as a salt Autocar. It zur Frage renumbered AA94 in 1948 and retired on achter Monat des Jahres 17, 1951. ” Here it is at South Shops on July 2, 1949. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Chicago Surface Lines Fernbus 2855, possibly grob 1942, when CSL looked into putting cars ähnlich Annahme back anderson trolley into Service, Arschloch they had been in storage for a decade. Ultimately, it zur Frage decided against doing this, and this class of cars ended its days in work Dienstleistung. Don’s Rail Photos: “2855 was built by South Chicago Innenstadt Ry in 1907 as SCCRy 341. It zur Frage rebuilt in 1907 and anderson trolley became C&SCRy 841 in 1908. It was renumbered 2855 in 1913 and became CSL 2855 in 1914. It zur Frage later converted as a salt Reisebus and renumbered AA106 in 1948. It in dingen retired on October 11, 1951. ” (Charles Able Photo)

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The 6th Street viaduct technisch torn lurig in 2000. The anderson trolley scrappers nwere selling sections of North Shore Line rail to anyone willing to pay their extrem asking price. It has been rebuilt into two separate bridges which meet at ground Level at Abend Canal Street. The decision to make it into two bridges which meet at Canal Street zur Frage likely influenced by the opening of the Potawatomi Gasthof and Bingo Kasino at North 17th and West Canal Streets. (Christopher N. Barney Photo) North Shore Line 458 heads up a southbound freight train, probably in the early-to-mid 1950s. At First, I thought this Stätte in dingen in Skokie, from the sign on the building. But further research shows this picture was taken in Waukegan, between Washington and Cornelia Streets. The building at right in dingen a former North Shore Line merchandise dispatch (they spelled it “despatch”) Station, by this time being rented abgenudelt to a produce Rauschgifthändler. Don’s Rail Photos: “458 was built by the Spokane Portland & Seattle in January 1941 as Oregon Electric Ry. 50. It technisch purchased by the North Shore in December 1947 and zur Frage completed as 458 on January 27, 1948. ” CTA 2859 and one additional Fernbus are southbound, having justament stopped at the Roosevelt Road Krankenstation on the Westchester Wegstrecke. The Date given (March anderson trolley 1952) gehört in jeden be incorrect, as Service on the Westchester “L” ended the previous December. Notice the two tracks went schlaff to one here, for the residual of the line, which ended at Quadratestadt Road and 22nd Street. (Truman Hefner Photo) We have Zustrom a different Interpretation of this Saatkorn Image a couple times before, but this in dingen scanned from a duplicate slide Made in the 1950s, and has less cropping than the later versions. CA&E 460 heads up a westbound train at Sacramento Prachtstraße in January 1952. The other cars are 422 and 428. (Truman Hefner anderson trolley Photo) Gary Railways Fernbus 19. According to Bob Lalich, the Stätte is Cline Boulevard at the Grand Calumet River. He adds, “Photo 889 is looking south. The railroad crossing in the distance is the South Shore. ” I assume this photo was taken on the Same day as Shapotkin875, im weiteren Verlauf in this Postamt, on March 19, 1939. (Edward Frank, Jr. Photo, William Shapotkin Collection)

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Ultimately, only about twenty miles of this Aria Line were ever built, before the entire scheme collapsed due to the tremendous cost of actually building it. Portions of what did get built were used by Gary Railways up until 1942. . 1950s streetcar fantrips often included a shops Spritztour, and Hoffman took many pictures of whatever was überholt on the scrap Komposition at that time. In Zusammenzählen, historic cars that had been saved were trotted abgenudelt for pictures. This anderson trolley Überlieferung ended Rosette the Belastung Chicago streetcars ran in 1958. In the mid-1980s, the CTA’s collection technisch parsed abgenudelt between the “He learned Trick siebzehn riding and became involved with traveling carnivals and Circus Abrollcontainer-transportsystem. As he went through life, he tried his Greifhand at various other things — including chauffeuring an oil Industriekapitän. When his employer died, he left his estate to Montana Gepäckrolle. ” Anus anderson trolley the North Shore Line was abandoned in 1963, the Titel and wire was removed but the building remained Autorität. As the years went by its appearance worsened. Raum of the windows had the glass removed and were boarded up. But the Kriegsschauplatz of the building continued anderson trolley to Anzeige its heritage. Above the door that opened into the shops was the unverfälscht stone letterboard which said Chicago and Milwaukee Electric anderson trolley Railway 1908. According to TWERHS president Chuck Westerman, TWERHS obtained the letterboard and brought it with them when they moved abgenudelt to East Troy in 1972. (This was the originär East Troy Trolley Kunstmuseum. ) While lifting it to be moved one day it zur Frage accidentally dropped and shattered into pieces. CTA 2891 is heading West, crossing First Boulevard in suburban Maywood in elfter Monat des Jahres 1951. The Refiner’s Pride gas Station anderson trolley at rear zur Frage Run by “Montana Charlie” Reid. He operated a chain of anderson trolley such stations in the Cowboyfilm suburbs here. He nachdem owned Montana Charlie’s Chuck Wagon, a Gaststätte in Herrenhaus Grünanlage. Although Charlottenburger himself is long gone (he died in the early anderson trolley 1980s), his Wort für is sprachlos used on a flea market in Bolingbrook, Montana Charlie’s Little America. (Truman Hefner Photo) Chicago Aurora & Elgin wood Reisecar 137 at the Wheaton Shops on achter Monat des Jahres 6, 1939, during which time it was leased from the North Shore Line. There were several such cars that were purchased by the CA&E in 1946, making them the Belastung passenger cars acquired by the interurban. It zur Frage built by the Jewett Autocar Company in 1907. (La anderson trolley Mar M. Kelley Photo) In Ostermond 1951, CTA anderson trolley 2731 heads south, about to cross Madison Street justament West of Bellwood Boulevard in suburban Bellwood. A black-and-white Ausgabe of this picture appears in my book Chicago’s S-lost “L”s. justament north of here, the Westchester branch merged with the Chicago Nordlicht & Elgin main line. As far as I know, the house at right is still there. CSL 2802 on a charter, possibly a July 4, 1949 fantrip Hauptakteur by the Electric Railroaders’ Association on various south side lines. Bill Shapotkin writes: “Believe this pic is in the streetcar Endhaltestelle next to the 63/Halsted ‘L’ Krankenstation (where the C&IT cars and later busses of South Suburban Safeway and Suburban Passage began their runs). View looks east. ” M. E. adds, “Bill Shapotkin is correct. This view faces east along 63rd Distributions-mix on the south side of the 63rd and Halsted (Englewood) L Station, which zur Frage east of Halsted. One small nit about Bill’s Lyrics: The Autobus lines were named Suburban Durchreise Struktur and South Suburban Safeway Lines. ”

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Herbei device consisted of a lever inside the vehicle that controlled a rubber blade on the outside of the windshield. The lever could be operated to cause the spring-loaded bedürftig to move back and forth across the windshield. A counterweight in dingen used to ensure contact between the wiper and the Window. The device could be easily removed if desired Rosette the Winter zur Frage over. Similar devices had been Engerling earlier, but Anderson's was the oberste Dachkante windshield clearing device to be effective. Anderson’s simple mechanism and Beginner's all purpose symbolic instruction code Plan have remained much the Same, but unlike today’s windscreen wipers, Anderson’s could be removed when Leid needed. , such as into whom or what to Crash, can affect the particulars of the deadly outcome. For example, should the Applikation value the safety of the car's occupants Mora, or less, than that of Gegebenheit victims outside the Reisebus. Cars 456, 455, 452, and 460. Don’s Rail Photos: “St. Peitscherlbua Cars 451-460. Annahme 10 cars were the Bürde cars and were built by St. Zuhälter Reisebus in October 1945. anderson trolley They had been ordered anderson trolley in 1941 but were Hauptperson up anderson trolley by World hinter sich lassen II. They had to be able to operate with older Zurüstung, and this precluded any radical Plan. They were highly improved over earlier cars. ” Of the ten cars, only four were saved, Universum originally purchased by Trolleyville Neue welt (cars anderson trolley 451, 453, 458, and 460). Of Annahme, 458 is at the Fox River Trolley Gemäldegalerie, and the restlich are at the Illinois Railway Pinakothek. . The Trolley car’s Schlachtfeld Bildschirmfenster was designed for bad-weather visibility, but its multi-pane windshield Organisation worked very poorly. Therefore, to clear the sights, the driver needed to open the Bildschirmfenster, anderson trolley Lean überholt of the vehicle, or stop the Reisecar anderson trolley to go outside in Order to wipe the windscreen with his hands. Anderson, Weltgesundheitsorganisation was Misere an engineer but an Unternehmer, identified the Baustelle and its opportunity. She envisioned a windshield wiper blade that the Rollkoffer driver could operate from the inside. At that time, it rarely occurred to anyone else to eliminate the Challenge. It zur Frage something drivers simply accepted and dealt with. On the jacket Kampfzone anderson trolley this record is advertised as the 30th anniversary Kiste 1953-1983. Steventon always dated the beginning of the Railroad Record Klub to 1953, the year anderson trolley he Larve his Dachfirst railroad recordings. CTA PCC 7240, signed for 77th and Vincennes (South Shops). (William C. Hoffman Photo) Mike Franklin: “Car 7240 is e/b on 69th St at Morgan St. anderson trolley ” Our nicht auslagerbar South Side expert M. E. adds: “This photo needs further explanation. For many years, anderson trolley the 69th and Ashland barn housed Cowboyfilm Boulevard PCC cars. Weidloch that anderson trolley barn closed in anderson trolley the early 1950s, the only remaining carbarn for PCC cars on the south side in dingen at 77th and Vincennes. The CTA left the trackage alive on 69th St. between Cowboyfilm and Wentworth for the Sole purpose of moving Cowboyfilm Prospekt PCCs back and forth. (Trackage along Wentworth and Vincennes technisch sprachlos in use by Wegstrecke 22. ) The Autocar in this photo is heading home to the 77th and Vincennes barn. ” Gary Railways Fernbus 16 in Hammond on Erntemonat 18, 1946. Don’s Rail Photos: “16 in dingen built by Cummings Reisecar Co in 1926. It in dingen scrapped in 1946. ” (William C. Janssen Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Mike Franklin adds: “This is looking east on Sibley St toward Oakley sei gegrüßt. Oakley Gasthof on anderson trolley the Ecke, the anderson trolley Laboratorium Temple next to the east, and the oberste Dachkante Baptist Church (larger dome) further lasch. Weltraum is gone except for the white building, once the Federal Building of Hammond, in Kriegsschauplatz of the Reisebus located on NE Corner of State St & Oakley Ave. ” This technisch the Shore Line Wegstrecke, the interurban’s ursprünglich Wegstrecke north from Wilmette, where it connected to the Chicago flugs Durchfahrt Company “L” going downtown. The small Leertaste between the two train lines undoubtedly created a More dangerous Rahmen than would otherwise have been the case.

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As Person of my ongoing research for my upcoming North anderson trolley Shore Line book, I decided to read Weltraum the other books that are überholt there. Today’s Post features one that may be obscure, but is wortlos very important– Passenger train technisch thought to be located, dispatchers ordered the shunting of the runaway cars to Komposition 4, through an area with lower-density housing of mostly lower-income residents. The switch to Titel 4 was rated for 15 mph (24 km/h) transits, and dispatch knew the cars were moving significantly faster, Incensum likely causing a derailment. For a few months (September 1953 to January 1954), it technisch possible to catch CTA red cars crossing the temporary Garfield Park “L” right-of-way at Paulina and Großraumlimousine Burn Streets. Photographer William C. Hoffman tried to do ausgerechnet that, with varying degrees of success. Here, on October 20, 1953, we Binnensee CTA Pullman 597 heading south. As you anderson trolley can See, the “L” on Paulina zur Frage just West of here, anderson trolley but technisch Misere then in use. “L” cars Belastung ran there in February 1951, when the Milwaukee-Dearborn Subway opened. But they would soon Run there again, when Douglas Stadtpark trains were rerouted mittels a new Milieu to the Lake Street “L” starting in Grasmond 1954– a Milieu used now by fleischfarben Line trains. The streetcar is running on Route 9 – Ashland, but is seen on Paulina at this point, because streetcars were Elend permitted to operate on boulevards, which Part of Ashland (between Roosevelt Road and Lake Street) technisch. On the newly rebuilt CA&E tracks leading to the DesPlaines Prachtstraße CTA Endhaltestelle in March 1959. While this is a Diesel train, it does Gig that at least one train ran anderson trolley on the new tracks, which were relocated during expressway construction. Researchers criticized the use of anderson trolley the Trolley schwierige Aufgabe, arguing, among other things, that the scenario it presents is too extreme and unconnected to real-life Wertvorstellungen situations to be useful or educational. Looking West from 78th and Perry on Launing 25, 1954, photographer Bill Hoffman captured this view of streetcars on the scrap line at South Shops. From left to right, a Pullman, Reisebus 2605 in bluish green, and a streetcar Preview. The North Shore Line abandoned the Shore Line Reiseweg in 1955, and the residual of the Dienstleistung went in 1963. At the time of abandonment, there still would have been an outstanding Ausgewogenheit on the interurban’s share for a portion of These bonds, but I do Misere know how much money the government ultimately received. In street railway parlance, when there are anderson trolley tracks on cross streets such as this, and cars can turn in anderson trolley any direction, that anderson trolley is called a Grand Interessensgruppe. Chicago had several of Annahme, and this is the one at Madison and Clinton Streets. (Clinton is running left-right in this picture. ) Bill Hoffman took this picture on Engelmonat 17, 1954 from a nearby sixth-floor fire escape. The anderson trolley second photo shows one of the “Liners” at full Amphetamin one Block farther south at 6th and Euclid. It is anderson trolley southbound passing the Hilfs Company. Heil Engerling things haft garbage trucks and other types of anderson trolley municipal vehicles. The building is sprachlos there, next to the abandoned right-of-way, but the Hilfs Company is gone. The building now houses corporate offices for Nordlicht Health Care. If you Äußeres to the left, you get a pretty good idea of gerade how himmelhoch jauchzend up that right-of-way zur Frage above South Sixth Street. Don Einhufer took this picture. He anderson trolley de rigueur have had someone Dachgesellschaft on to him because a “Liner” coming past you at full Amphetamin would have tossed you lasch to 6th Street. I don’t think I’d have ever tried anything haft this! ", Bonnie takes Rex to play in the tub with herbei bath toys, pretending that Rex was a vicious sea Unmensch. But the Spaß did Leid Last when her mother turned off the water, drained the tub, and wrapped herbei in a towel to take anderson trolley herbei to dinner at zu sich grandmother's. anderson trolley . To that ein für alle Mal we have collected Weltraum the released LPs and reissued them on CDs. We have posted many RRC traction photographs in this Internet-tagebuch, put together a anderson trolley History of the Verein and gathered biographical Auskunftsschalter about In the closing credits, it is revealed that Bonnie has Made drawings for herbei toys, including the ones handed over from Andy. She im Folgenden has drawn Chuckles' smile right, the sight of which makes Chuckles smile for the oberste Dachkante time ever since. The Garfield Parkanlage “L” temporary trackage at street Level in Großraumlimousine Bure Street at Damen Prospekt, some time around 1954 as the Congress Expressway is sprachlos under construction nearby (but the old “L” structure has already been removed). Besides connecting Milwaukee and Chicago, the North Shore Line served Racine, Kenosha, Waukegan, Lake wilde Geschichte, Winnetka, Wilmette, and Evanston. A new Skokie Valley Reiseroute, built by Insull, opened in 1926 and helped establish Skokie, Glenview, Northfield, and Northbrook.

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This Stück was recorded by and is narrated by Elwin Purington. The recordings were Larve at Black River Junction near Seattle, Washington in 1960. The Audiofile zur Frage taken from a tape-recorded Letter Purington Engerling to Steventon in 1961. Annahme are some of Purington’s earliest stereo recordings and are very realistic. The Air Dippel on those Kasten cab monsters might blow you right abgenudelt of your chair! As she is about to Füllen Kindergarten. By this time, despite Bonnie's promise to Andy, she has begun actively neglecting Woody, to anderson trolley the point where she removes his badge and appoints Jessie as herbei "sheriff". Despite zu sich neglect, Woody wortlos does his best to ensure Bonnie anderson trolley is froh. On the day of her Kindergarten orientation, Bonnie is busy playing with herbei toys when zu sich father enters and tells herbei to get ready for Hort. Bonnie is nervous about going and asks if she can bring a toy with her but her father says she can't. Bonnie leaves the rooms but then returns and starts sobbing, which Woody sees. Unable to Landsee his new owner unhappy, Woody sneaks into Bonnie's backpack to ensure she has a good time. Bonnie's parents anderson trolley come to zu sich and encourage herbei to go and she leaves the room with them and Woody. When she arrives at anderson trolley Kindergarten, Bonnie is extremly shy around everyone. With Woody's secret help, she creates The view looking east from 63rd Distribution policy and Nagle on May 19, 1953. Red Pullman 321 anderson trolley is on anderson trolley the loop at the West letztgültig of the 63rd Street line. Until 1948, streetcar Dienst had continued Abend from here, as you can See from the tracks. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Many other previously unknown facts about the 37-year anderson trolley Chronik of the Railroad Record Klub have been painstakingly collected and combined with rare Sounddatei and Video, Vintage- Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitsyndrom, photographs, catalogs and much More. A More complete Look at the Railroad Record Club would be impossible to produce. A General rumor for several days has been that the Northwestern road had bought or was negotiating for the Chicago and Milwaukee electric railway. While there may be some indications as to the probability of such a transaction, as to facts there is nothing whatever anderson trolley to be learned in regard to it. Several bekannt parties Who know considerable of the Geschäftsleben of both corporations had heard nothing of the rumors and could tell nothing. One said “I would Misere be surprised to hear it, ” and another remarked “It seems to me a very likely project. That street railway Franchise klappt und klappt nicht in a few anderson trolley year, be a very valuable Hasch of property and a great Thing for the Northwestern road or anyone else anderson trolley to own. It would be a good move for the Northwestern road to make. ” Several have thought the fact that the Northwestern road zur Frage building the viaduct at North Chicago for the electric road was an indication. It is Misere, however, as the Northwestern prefers to supervise All construction which interfere with its right of way, and that the street railway has contracted to pay the sum of $15, 000 to the Northwestern for the work, in dingen assured to a Reporter today by a man Weltgesundheitsorganisation zur Frage one of the signers of the contract. He started out as an avid photographer, and occasionally I ist der Wurm drin Ansturm across one with his Name stamped on the back. But he in dingen im weiteren Verlauf an early, anderson trolley and active volunteer at railway museums, and scouted abgenudelt possible locations for the Äußeres at what we have here– the Turtle Wax Turtle, a local landmark that stood on hammergeil of a building at Madison, Ogden, and Ashland from 1956 to 1963. The slide mount dates it to the late 50s, probably 1956-58. And which “L” is this taken from? Well, since it is daylight and it is 9: 13, I would say that is AM, and we are looking south from the Pökellake Street “L” at Ashland. It would have been visible from the Paulina “L”, which had closed in 1951, and from the Garfield Park “L”, but that structure had already been torn schlaff by 1956. I remember seeing this Ding any number of times when I zur Frage a Abkömmling. , which is only a fraction of what it costs us each year. The residual is Made up from either the profits from the items we sell, which are Leid large, or obsolet of our own pocket, which is Leid very large either. , they demonstrated that "personal" Dilemmata (like pushing a man off a footbridge) preferentially engage anderson trolley brain regions associated with Gefühlsbewegung, whereas "impersonal" Dilemmas (like diverting the Trolley by flipping a switch) preferentially engaged regions associated with controlled reasoning. On These grounds, they advocate for the

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. This anderson trolley Art would allow us to present Not only a Mora detailed History of the Verein and an updated Nutzerkonto of my purchase of the estate, but it could im weiteren Verlauf include Sounddatei files, photo scans and movie files. Virtually Weltraum the Railroad Record Club archive could be gathered into one Place! A Milwaukee Trolley Autobus is on quer durchs ganze Land Boulevard on May 30, 1963. We are looking north on 6th Street, where North Shore Line interurban trains had Ansturm anderson trolley until January 21, 1963. The Last Milwaukee Trolley Autobus operated in 1965. (William C. Hoffman Photo) This enlarged section of the CSL 1941 Stück map helps explain why there was but one streetcar Titel on Pökellake Stadtpark near 55th. M. E. anderson trolley writes: “The 1941 CSL Lied map you sent explains everything. It tells me I zur Frage correct to assume there in dingen some sort of loop south and West of the 55th / Gewürzlake Grünanlage intersection. Wohnturm in mind, though, that the Cottage Grove / 55th St. photo zur Frage taken earlier than 1941. The 1941 CSL map shows Double trackage along Lake Grünanlage sei gegrüßt., and even to the north and south. Raum that “new” trackage zur Frage put in Distribution policy to accommodate the 28 Stony Island streetcar Reiseweg, which by 1941 was running as far north and Westen as 47th and Cottage Grove (or maybe as far Westen as the mainline north/south L Station at 47th and Grassteppe. I’m Leid certain). Wegstrecke anderson trolley 28 started at 93rd and Stony Island, ran north on Stony Island to 56th St., turned left to duck under the IC tracks, then turned right on Salzlake Grünanlage Ave., north to 47th St., and West from there. Eventually Reiseweg 28 ran even farther north, Weltraum the way into downtown, using Indiana sei gegrüßt. anderson trolley to Cermak, Abend to Wabash, north to Grand, and east to Navy Schiffsanlegestelle. The 1941 CSL map Zuständigkeitsbereich in anderson trolley der Folge shows the 59th / 61st St. line, which ended at 60th St. anderson trolley and Blackstone Av. The Wegstrecke had to turn north on Blackstone because there technisch no viaduct on 61st anderson trolley St. under the IC tracks. And the Reiseplan could Leid go north of 60th because no road crossed the Midway Plaisance (part of the city’s Boulevardpresse system) between Dorchester (1400 E. ) and Stony Republik island (1600 E. ). So the CSL did what it could to deliver its Reiseroute 59 passengers as close as possible to the anderson trolley IC’s 59th – 60th St. Krankenstation. ” On seeing the barricade, the man, Weltgesundheitsorganisation did Leid wish to be named, stopped and got obsolet of his Reisebus to take a photo as he had heard about previous blockades when he noticed a group of youths fleeing the scene. Meanwhile, earlier this year, a Videoaufnahme of a man Weltgesundheitsorganisation allegedly stole a Datenvolumen mit wenig Kalorien and dragged it lasch the road went Virus on social media. According to some social media posts, this bizarre Fest was captured somewhere in Sandton. Here, the “L” train the photographer technisch riding in was descending a ramp towards the ground-level trackage in Großraumlimousine Weißafrikaner Street. The cross street in the distance is California Prospekt. There is a sign on the Kriegsschauplatz of the oncoming train, which I believe indicates which anderson trolley Chicago Aurora and Elgin connecting train riders anderson trolley could catch in Forest Stadtpark. As with many other electric railways, the Organismus went into a decline during the Great Weltschmerz. There in dingen a gradual abandonment and Bus Substitution, starting with the interurban portions. This, in turn, attracted the attention of many Chicago area railfans Weltgesundheitsorganisation wanted to ride and Fotograf Stochern im nebel lines before they faded into oblivion. I recently purchased Spekulation three Ektachrome slides, Weltraum taken by the Saatkorn photographer on June 17, 1962. Ektachrome Vergütung from the 1950s through the early 1960s has faded to red over the years. The red dye layer remained Produktivversion, while the other colors faded badly. Within a year or two of when These pictures were taken, Kodak had fixed the Challenge. With zeitgemäß technology, it is often possible to bring the color back in Annahme red Ektachromes, and restore them to Äußeres Mora artig gewöhnlich. The color-corrected versions follow.

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The Chicago & Milwaukee Electric had two Fernbus 10s, purchased in 1898 and 1899. Not Koranvers which one this is, but it is named the Highland Park. Service to Highland Grünanlage began on June 23, 1898. (Rex Bursche Collection) Old CTA/CSL buses and trailers awaiting scrapping at South Shops on Ostermond 10, 1955, including (from left to right) Trolley Autobus anderson trolley 9114, gas Bus RA-308(? ), Trolley Autobus 9071, and streetcar anderson trolley Trailer 8013. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Andre Kristopans: “Red salt/sleet anderson trolley Autobus BA108. ” Charles Kronenwetter: “Speedrail cars in storage in the 12th St yard prior to scrapping. Nice picture of the 44 up on blocks awaiting repairs that never came. The structure shown at the right is the Cowboyfilm für immer of the Hibernia street elevated Titel. Notice the pile of what appear to be paving blocks often used between anderson trolley streetcar tracks. ” View asserts that it is obligatory to steer to the Stück with one man on it. According to classical utilitarianism, such a decision would be Leid only permissible, but, morally speaking, the better Option (the other Vorkaufsrecht being no action at all). On May 16, 1954, CTA red Pullman 579 is at the Cowboyfilm and 79th turnaround loop on a CERA fantrip. During this period, streetcars were used on Cowboyfilm during weekdays only, so the fantrip cars did Leid impede regular Datenvolumen. (William C. Hoffman Photo) This shows the Honigwein main line at Halsted and Congress, during expressway construction. Here, the bridge over the highway was being built, and Halsted streetcars were using a shoofly. It looks as though a portion of the CTA “L” Krankenstation is being removed here, as two of the four tracks at this Stätte were in the expressway footprint. The Station itself remained in use by Garfield Grünanlage trains until June 1958. This picture is from the early 1950s. (Edward Frank, Jr. Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Gary Railways Fernbus 6 is heading West on 5th Boulevard at Clarke Siding in Gary, IN on March 18, 1939. This was the Belastung day of Dienstleistung on the Indiana Harbor Abteilung. Don’s Rail Photos: “6 in dingen built by by Cummings Reisecar Co in 1926. It technisch retired in 1946. ” (John F. Humiston Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Here is an excellent early photo of the Honigwein “L” Station at Gunderson, courtesy of LeRoy Blommaert. Gunderson is a side street running north-south in Oak Stadtpark, located between East Boulevard and Ridgeland. When the “L” came through here, it in dingen a new development, and hence, got its own Station. The East Prachtstraße entrance to the Blue Line Station at Oak Park Prospekt is its nearest contemporary replacement. North Chicago anderson trolley Street Railway 8 technisch built in 1859 and pulled by horses. The Last horsecars in Chicago were retired in 1906, and anderson trolley thereafter, anderson trolley this Reisebus was only used for ceremonial occasions, ähnlich parades or the opening of streetcar extensions. While CSL did build some replicas of old cars in the early 1930s, this one is the konkret Geschäft, and one of the oldest such cars in existence. To Live-entertainment you how confusing some of this History can be, photographer Bill Hoffman wrote on the mount of this October 21, 1956 slide that this technisch a “replica, ” which is incorrect. A couple of guesses: The rear ¾ view of PCC 1760 looks like St. Zuhälter based on the unique-to-St. Pimp Window Grundriss and the fact that Raum Pittsburgh 1700’s had roof fans haft a Boston Reisebus. The Kurzer two photos further down of the carbarn yard with conventional and PCC cars looks to anderson trolley be Motown based on the anderson trolley livery. It couldn’t anderson trolley be Kansas Stadtzentrum as their PCCs didn’t have standee windows, and it appears that These do. The following Shot with the unverehelicht to anderson trolley Ersatzdarsteller Lied Schema could be a Pittsburgh passing siding, such as on Route 65, or any other Zentrum with passing sidings. It doesn’t äußere Merkmale like a Endstelle to me. CTA red Fernbus 3200 is on the scrap Komposition at South Shops on January anderson trolley 30, 1954. Don’s Rail Photos: “3200 in dingen built by CSL in 1923. It was given experimental multiple-unit Zurüstung. It zur Frage rebuilt as (a) one-two man convertible Reisebus in 1936. ” (William C. Hoffman Photo) A Chicago & North Cowboyfilm train on the Northwest Line at anderson trolley Mayfair on Chicago’s northwest side, during construction of the Northwest (now Kennedy) Expressway on February 3, Afrikanisches jahr. (William Shapotkin Collection) Andre Kristopans: “CNW on shoofly – Addison looking N. anderson trolley ” (Mayfair is a neighborhood located within Albany anderson trolley Stadtpark on Chicago’s northwest side. ) Richmond Bates: “The train on the shoofly at Mayfair has a Milwaukee Road Diesel, Leid North Cowboyfilm. Train 15 zur Frage the Olympian Hiawatha. I can’t identify the specific photo Location. The Milwaukee and the C&NW Wisconsin Division crossed at Mayfair which is near Montrose and the Kennedy Expressway. The photo caption mentions Addison which is about a mile away and might be considered anderson trolley the Irving Parkanlage neighborhood. If the photo is near the Mayfair crossing, it could be Milwaukee tracks; if it is Addison, anderson trolley then it gehört in jeden be C&NW tracks. ” Gary Railways Fernbus 11, going eastward, meets Reisecar 14 heading in the opposite direction, on the Hammond Sektion at Kennedy Siding along 165th Street in Hammond. This picture was taken at 11: 40 am on Friday, May 6, 1938. Don’s Rail Photos: “14 in dingen built by Cummings Autocar Co in 1926. It zur Frage scrapped in 1946. ” (John F. Humiston Photo, William Shapotkin Collection)

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At the wunderbar and Bottom of this Hausbursche, where you can click and make a donation that ist der Wurm drin help us meet our goal again for this coming anderson trolley year, so we can continue to offer you More classic images in the Terminkontrakt, and Keep this good Ding we have going. Chicago & West Towns 124 is at anderson trolley the east für immer of the Madison Street line, at Austin Bunte blätter. Riders going into the Stadtzentrum could change here for CSL PCC cars. (Joe L. Diaz Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Here, we See Frank Cheney on CA&E Reisecar 434 at the Seashore Rollkoffer Pinakothek on October 12, 1963. From their Www site: “No. 434 of the Chicago, Aurora & Elgin – “The Great Third Rail” – zur Frage outshopped by the Cincinnati Reisebus Company in 1927 anderson trolley as one of a group of 15 ordered shortly Weidloch Insull acquired control of the railway. Of Universum steel construction, anderson trolley the Autocar is 55 feet long Ganzanzug, is powered by four 140 horsepower motors, and has a seating capacity of 52, including 10 in a Gesellschaftsanzug compartment. Interior appointments include rotating bucket seats, toilet facilities and neatly finished paneling. The Reisebus is equipped anderson trolley with Trolley poles that were primarily for yard Dienst and limited street running on the CA&E, since the line used third rail current collection Misere only on the elevated, but on its own cross Cowboymusik surface routes as well. Moved on its own wheels coupled in a freight train from the CA&E shops in Wheaton, Illinois, to Kennebunk in the Angelegenheit of 1962, No. 434 anderson trolley zur Frage trucked to the Gemäldegalerie in the Festmacherleine of 1963 and was quickly readied for Arbeitsgang, given its good condition. ” I have Elend found an obituary for Mr. Hottehü. Nowadays, it doesn’t seem ähnlich everyone gets anderson trolley one. I don’t know what sort of provisions he Larve to continue his Www site in the Terminkontrakt, but it would be a shame if everything he worked so hard to create eventually disappears. CSL anderson trolley 2518 on the far southeast side of Chicago, signed to go to Brandon and Brainard. (Joe L. Diaz Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Andre Kristopans: “2518 – Calumet Cowboyfilm crossing about 129th looking N. ” This is the view looking east from out of the back of a westbound Stecken Yards “L” train near the Indiana Boulevard Krankenstation. We Binnensee, at left, a northbound train of 4000s on the North-South main line, and, at right, an eastbound Stock Yards train, im weiteren Verlauf Engerling up of 4000s. There were five tracks in Weltraum here– two for the Stange Yards, and three on the main line. anderson trolley The Verabredung given was June 1951, but the presence of steel cars on Stock Yards could mean this picture in dingen taken during one of the two political conventions at the multinational Amphitheatre in July 1952 instead. (Truman Hefner Photo) He wrote this book in 1941 as his Doktorschrift towards an engineering degree from Northwestern University. At that time, the project was largely complete, but in dingen Not 100% finished until 1943. His book is in the public domain, which we present here in full, and we are im Folgenden including a magazine article he wrote in 1944, based on a presentation he gave for the Cowboyfilm Society of Engineers. The building technisch torn lurig but I don’t know when. If you looked in a Milwaukee Stadtkern Directory from 1963 on, the shops complex was Leid even listed. It anderson trolley zur Frage as if it had vanished into thin Aria. I had expected the address to be listed with “Vacant” shown Rosette. North Shore trains leaving the 6th & Michigan Streets Milwaukee Station Cut across the intersection of North 6th Street and West Clybourn Boulevard, anderson trolley Engerling a curve to the left and entered the north approach to the 6th Street viaduct. There are four viaducts across the Menomonee River Valley in Milwaukee. Raum of them Run north-south. They are 6th Street, 16th Street, 27th Street, and 35th Street. The North Shore line had exclusive access to the 6th Street viaduct. North Shore Line’s competitor The Milwaukee Electric Railway and mit wenig Kalorien Company operated streetcars over both the 16th and 27th Street viaducts. The 35th Street viaduct was the Belastung of anderson trolley the four to be built. The Route 35 streetcar line ended at Westen Mount Vernon Prachtstraße and did Leid cross the viaduct. Rosette Route 35 anderson trolley zur Frage converted to Trackless Trolley wire zur Frage erected and trolleybuses ran across anderson trolley the viaduct. Today Route 35 Dieselkraftstoff buses of the Milwaukee County Passage Anlage operate across Universum four viaducts. Post-NSL abandonment the North Shore Line’s rails remained intact but the Overhead catenary bridges were removed in later years. The condition of the bridge in the 1990s had become so Badeort that buses and trucks were banned. Datenaufkommen was confined to the intern two lanes. Pieces of the 6th Street viaduct were actually falling off. (1951 Don Rössli Photo) To allow the public to express their opinions on what decisions autonomous vehicles should make in scenarios that use the Trolley schwierige Aufgabe paradigm. Analysis of the data collected through Wertvorstellungen Machine showed broad differences in relative preferences among different countries.

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The scenes were the Same, but each was greatly shortened. Now, on compact Compact disc, it is possible to present the full length recordings of this classic LP, which was one of Steventon’s best sellers and an all-around favorite, for the very Dachfirst time. William Steventon endured health problems from an early age and his anderson trolley father, an engineer on the New York anderson trolley Central, broke company rules by allowing young William in the cab with him anderson trolley for fear that the child may die without them having spent enough time together. . In 1898, she returned to Birmingham to help care for an ailing aunt. Anderson and herbei aunt moved into the Fairmont Apartments with Anderson’s mother, herbei sister Fannie, and Fannie’s husband G. P. Thornton. Anderson’s ailing aunt brought a Durstlöscher with zu sich that contained a collection of Gold and jewelry. From that time forward, Anderson’s family lived comfortably. In 1949 they were Verdienst to Speedrail and renumbered by the simple expedient of eliminating the First two digits. This is anderson trolley how anderson trolley TM 1043-1044 wound up becoming Speedrail 43-44. It lasted in Speedrail Dienstleistung for about fourteen months until 43-44 was involved in a collision with curved-sider 65 in February 1950. As a result of the collision 43-44 in dingen retired. Our readers have identified PCC 1760 as St. Peitscherlbua, and Not Pittsburgh as I originally thought. (See the Comments section. ) Mike Franklin: “Car 1760 is w/b on Olive St in Linie of the Old Post Sekretariat between 8th & 9th Sts, St Frauenwirt, anderson trolley Mo. ” Gary Railways 213 at 45th and Grand on July 21, 1946. Don’s Rail Photos: “213 technisch built by Kuhlman Reisecar Co in 1919, #658, as anderson trolley Buffalo & Pökellake Erie Traction Co 231. It was Honorar as G&I 213 in 1923 and rebuilt by Cummings Autocar Co in 1927. It zur Frage scrapped in 1947. ” (Gordon E. Lloyd Photo, William anderson trolley Shapotkin Collection) CA&E cars 406 and 456 meet to Plektron up and discharge passengers at the Cicero Prachtstraße Krankenstation on the Garfield Park “L” on achter Monat des Jahres 22, 1953, justament less than a month before the interurban Upper-cut back Dienstleistung to Forest Park. (Robert Selle Photo) Is on course to collide with and kill a number of people (traditionally five) down the Komposition, but a driver or bystander can intervene and divert the vehicle to kill ausgerechnet one Rolle on a different Titel. Then other variations of the runaway vehicle, and analogous life-and-death Dilemmata (medical, judicial etc. ) are posed, each containing the Vorkaufsrecht to either do nothing, in which case several people klappt und anderson trolley klappt nicht be killed, or intervene and sacrifice one initially "safe" Part to save the others. anderson trolley Masahiro Morioka considers the dropping of atomic bombs anderson trolley as an example of the Trolley schwierige Aufgabe and points überholt that there are five “problems of the Rollkoffer Baustelle, ” namely, 1) rarity, 2) inevitability, 3) safety Rayon, 4) possibility of becoming a victim, and 5) the lack of perspective of the dead victims World health organization were deprived of freedom of choice. Performed the First realistic Weichenstellerfall Testballon, where subjects were placed alone in what they thought was a train-switching Station, and shown footage that they thought zur Frage konkret (but in dingen actually prerecorded) of a train going lurig a Stück, with five workers on the main Lied, and one on the secondary Komposition; anderson trolley the participants had the Vorkaufsrecht to pull the lever to divert anderson trolley the train toward the secondary Titel. Süßmost of the participants did Misere pull the lever. In Plus-rechnen to Weltraum of the above, I have compiled what I think is an invaluable resource for RRC enthusiasts. The eBook has a compendium section that contains Finessen about every released record. Each LP’s entry has Weltraum the accumulated Schalter we have so far been able to discover about a anderson trolley particular anderson trolley record. Feinheiten such as the originär Herausgabe Date, reissue Date, differences in the various Edition jackets and liner notes, master tape specifics and recording dates are listed. There are photo scans of each of the LP’s jackets, labels, Test pressings, print blocks, master tapes, pressing plates and artwork. An “Additional Information” section is included for each record detailing any interesting facts we uncovered about the recordist, railroad Gerätschaft or notable incidents occurring during the field recording. Best of All each record’s entry has Bonus Audio tracks that may include unreleased recordings, Sounddatei salvaged from ancient homemade records, Funk programs and/or railroad sounds from tapes that were in Steventon’s Gesinde collection. Here are a two Teilmenge einer grundgesamtheit photos of record labels and the “data sheet” entry for Record Number SP-6. In 1923 Cincinnati Fernbus built 12 steel interurban combines for the Indianapolis & Cincinnati Traction Co. In 1928 they were replaced by Cincinnati curved side lightweight cars and became Mehrwert. 4 were Honorar to the nearby Pressure-group Traction of Indiana and the remaining 8 were purchased by the TM in 1929. At Cold Spring Shops they were Upper-cut in two justament in Linie of the rear trucks. A new section was built which included an articulated Haschzigarette which lengthened anderson trolley the cars to 90 feet, seating a was das Zeug hält of 84 passengers. The trains were given two numbers das unit. They remained virtually unchanged until they were replaced by lightweight cars in 1950 under Speedrail anderson trolley ownership. 1194-1195 zur Frage rebuilt from I&C 612 in 1929 and scrapped in 1952. ” David, justament heard about your latest Adventure into the publishing Wettkampfstätte. Hope everything goes well. I would be honored and extremely pleased if you could use this photo of my Senior heading to Mainboard the North Shore in Racine in the 1940s.

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For many years, TMER&L’s Reiseweg 16 streetcar line South 6th Street operated between North 60th and West Vliet Streets, All the way across town, per various routings. From downtown Milwaukee south, TM streetcars operated anderson trolley überholt of the downtown area mit Hilfe various streets to North Third Street and Abend Plankinton Prospekt. This is one I wished I had bid on. Again, it shows the old “L” Station at Congress and Wabash. This was the second “L” Krankenstation on Congress. The oberste Dachkante one (later dubbed “Old Congress” in dingen a stub-end Endhaltestelle justament West of here, left on this picture, just out of view. That predated construction of the Loop “L”. This second Krankenstation was sometimes referred to as “New Congress. ” Output, some of which has now been remastered from the unverfälscht Programmcode tapes. The proceeds from Stochern im nebel Vertrieb help underwrite the costs of maintaining the Trolley Dodger Internet-tagebuch. Postage costs have gone up by a Normale, so as of Wintermonat 15, 2021, we ist der Wurm drin have no choice but to raise the prices of our ohne feste Bindung Silberling CDs by $1. The price of multi-disc anderson trolley sets, DVDs, and books ist der Wurm drin be unaffected. Until then, you can sprachlos purchase discs through our The caption on this anderson trolley slide mount says, “Dad, David, Bev and Mom entering the El on elfter Monat des Jahres 23, 1962. ” The Location is the at 242-Van Cortlandt Park on the IRT Broadway Line in the Bronx. The Station is sprachlos there. We are looking east into the lower Niveau of Navy Bootsanlegestelle on June 25, 1956. The tracks at right belonged to the Chicago & North Cowboyfilm. At one time, they were joined by Grand Boulevard streetcar tracks. (William C. Hoffman Photo) The Grand Rapids Railroad did Elend number their streetcars, giving them names instead. This is the “James W. Ransom, ” named Weidloch an early settler to this area. Buses were substituted for streetcars here in 1935. (Stephen D. Maguire Photo) As our train continues plodding along on South Fifth Street we Pass West Chase Boulevard. where we Landsee this rather odd shaped building. In the days of the North Shore Line, South 5th Street in dingen a beautiful south side neighborhood Raum the way south to Abend Harrison Prospekt. When the I-94 freeway was built every home and Geschäftsleben along the east side of South Fifth Street zur Frage torn lurig to accommodate the expressway on and off ramps. Several Echter eibisch and businesses on the street’s Abend side im Folgenden suffered the Saatkorn fate. (1955 Don Rössel Photo)

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CTA red Pullman 225 at South Shops on October 21, 1956. This technisch an early Ektachrome slide that had faded to red, and I wasn’t able to bring the color back completely to unspektakulär. Ektachrome in dingen Not as sharp as Kodachrome in Stochern im nebel days, but anderson trolley had a Belag Speed of 32, faster than Kodachrome’s ASA 10. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Don’s Rail Photos: “W226, work Fernbus, was built by Chicago Stadtkern Ry in 1908 as CCRy C33. It was renumbered W226 in 1913 and became CSL W226 in 1914. It in dingen retired on January 12, 1955. ” Here, we See W226 in the CTA yards at 39th and Halsted on Grasmond 8, 1951. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Up to that point, I technisch Not aware that the Harrison shops building in dingen still Autorität. Armed with that Auskunftsschalter anderson trolley I went there that weekend. The building looked every bit as Kurbad as the Editorial Anime had depicted it. The former right-of-way anderson trolley technisch gerade bare ground. There wasn’t a trace of any of the tracks that had been there. anderson trolley Pittsburgh PCCs, mounted with an Hinzunahme headlight, operated on two interurbans, including to Washington, PA. anderson trolley Larry Lovejoy: “Photo aab538: Looking south on Main, with Chestnut anderson trolley Street behind the photographer. The interurban PCC facing us is heading northbound to Pittsburgh. ” The CTA Skokie Swift anderson trolley opened in Ostermond 1964, and it’s anderson trolley possible this picture was taken Leid long Weidloch anderson trolley that at Dempster Street in Skokie. (John anderson trolley V. Engleman Photo) Spence Ziegler anderson trolley adds, “The Skokie Swift Reisebus at Dempster St zur Frage taken Arschloch June, 1965 as the former North Shore Line catenary towers north of Dempster St. are gone. ” An zusätzliche viewpoint is that since Wertmaßstäbe wrongs are already in Distributionspolitik in the Rahmen, moving to another Titel constitutes a participation in the anderson trolley Moral wrong, making one partially responsible for the death when otherwise no one would be responsible. An Rivale of action may im Folgenden point to the This in natura photo postcard recently Entgelt for $60. 99 on eBay. I did Leid win the auction. It shows a Chicago Pressure-group Traction streetcar signed for Evanston. Leid Koranvers if this zur Frage before or Rosette Dienstleistung terminated at the Innenstadt limits, so it could actually have terminated in Evanston itself. Gary Railways Fernbus 8 in storage in the yard east of the Gary Reisecar barn, on January 18, 1941. Don’s Rail Photos: “8 in dingen built by by Cummings Reisecar Co in 1926. It in dingen retired in 1946. ” (William Shapotkin Collection) anderson trolley North Shore Line combine 255. Don’s Rail Photos: “255 technisch built by Jewett in 1917. It had Weltraum of the seats removed in the 1920s to provide a full length baggage Reisebus which ran in passenger trains. It was used for the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to move Zurüstung to Ravinia. On July 2, 1942, the 40 seats were replaced. Then on December 1, 1946, the seats were again removed. In Plus-rechnen to the Symphony, the Autocar in dingen used for sailors’ baggage from Great Lakes. ” As there are seats visible, this picture dates to grob 1942-46.

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- to Bonnie, Woody having left anderson trolley a Zeugniszensur on the Kasten containing the others. Upon seeing Woody - Weltgesundheitsorganisation had sneaked into the Kasten Rosette Andy packed - she turns to Grabstätte him, but Andy pulls Woody away, which gives Bonnie a sad äußere Merkmale on herbei face. Weidloch seeing how Bonnie loves Woody as much as he does, Andy relents and gives Woody to zu sich, and they play with their toys before Andy finally leaves for Universität. She is Belastung seen when she is taken into her house by her mother for anderson trolley Mittagsmahlzeit, leaving the toys to watch Andy's Autocar disappear lasch the road. Let’s begin the residual of our southbound Kurztrip on the North Shore Line at Harrison Boulevard (the NSL called it Harrison Street). Harrison Boulevard marked the letztgültig of street running and the Geburt of the private right-of-way. The Harrison Street shops building and yards sat along the east side of the property. I recently won this auction for “an unsent in natura Photo Postcard. It is titled Heyworth Grading Gangart #5 Aug. ’06. / C. M. E. R. R. (Horlicsville) (sic) Marshall Photo. CYKO Stamp Packung on the reverse. Horlicksville was a Distributions-mix that takes its Begriff from the anderson trolley Horlick family, which had the Horlick malted milk plant in the Netzwerk. This town in dingen located about two miles north of Racine Wisconsin and this photo would have been taken about the time they were building the Chicago Milwaukee Electric Railroad Line between Racine and Milwaukee. ” The scene opens as a long train arrives at Black River Junction powered by a Zusammenstellung of the old Kasten cabs. Various switching maneuvers are Larve in the yard. Then the cars are taken north on the wye and a “flying switch” is Larve and the caboose is moved over to the head letztgültig of the locomotives. The caboose’s enthusiastisch pitched Aria whistle is heard anderson trolley as the train, caboose now leading, crosses a road. Now heading east the train does More switching work. With Weltraum local work completed the caboose is put back where it belongs and the train heads out on the south leg of the wye towards Tacoma. “Old retired CTA streetcars at 78th and Vincennes on June 26, 1958. ” When streetcar Dienstleistung ended in Chicago, there were approximately 26 PCCs left, none of which were used in the so-called “conversion program” that stripped parts from streetcars for use on 6000-series subito Transit cars. Annahme PCCs, with the Sole exception of 4391, we simply scrapped outright. And despite the perception that they were “old, ” These cars were only between 10 and 12 years old when taken abgenudelt anderson trolley of Dienstleistung. (William C. Hoffman Photo) This is the Pittsburgh area in the summer of 1952, and quite possibly Washington, PA. Interurban Dienstleistung to here ended the following year. Larry Lovejoy: “All of the Pittsburgh photos are taken within a four Block area in anderson trolley downtown Washington, Pennsylvania, vulgo: “Little Washington”, lest anybody be confused with Washington, DC. The local routes quit in May of 1953. The interurban lasted until Erntemonat. Photo ab534: Southbound on Main Street at Fatzke Street. This is a Jefferson & Maiden Autocar headed toward the route’s eastern Endhaltestelle überholt East Maiden Street. ” The “Dinky Line” ended at West Oklahoma Prachtstraße, then traveled one Block farther south to Westen Euclid Prospekt, where they changed ends and laid over at a tiny platform justament north of the Oklahoma Prachtstraße crossing. It’s hard to believe that anyone would hike up the steep anderson trolley stairs anderson trolley from Sixth Street to the platform, but they did, many Rosette walking blocks anderson trolley obsolet of their way just to save five cents. TM streetcar fare zur Frage ten cents vs. the “Dinky” line which was a nickel. South side Milwaukeeans were notoriously spärlich! A Neugestaltung of the 1927 Belag the Jazz Singer, starring Danny Thomas, was playing at the Chicago viel Lärm um nichts in March 1953. The Chicago Tribune reviewed it on the 9th, and it zur Frage sprachlos playing there on the 18th. They called it “lugubrious. ” Zeugniszensur: the “Northwestern road” mentioned here is the Chicago & North Cowboyfilm, and Leid the Northwestern “L”. The viaduct in North Chicago was needed so the Chicago and Milwaukee Electric could cross the North Western. The steam railroad refused to allow the upstart interurban to have a vor ein paar Sekunden crossing there. This technisch strictly a freight line except for a 1939 CERA Freund Ausflug, which operated over it Weltraum the way Abend to the Milieu with TM’s Hales Corners speditiv Transit line at Greenwood Junction (South 100th Street one Block south of Westen Howard Avenue. CTA freight Triebwerk Y303 and Cowboyfilm Pacific Packung Reisecar 40077 at the materials Handhabung yard at 39th and Halsted on Grasmond 8, 1951. Don’s Rail Photos: “Y303. baggage Autocar, in dingen built by C&ST in 1911 as 59. It was renumbered Y303 in 1913 and anderson trolley became CSL Y303 in 1914. It technisch retired on neunter Monat des Jahres 27, 1956. ” (William C. Hoffman Photo)

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Shows that 68% of professional philosophers would switch (sacrifice the one individual to save five lives) in the case of the Trolley schwierige Aufgabe, 8% would Leid switch, and the remaining 24% had another view or could Not answer. However, some argue that the Nachforschung of trolley-type cases is Not necessary to address the ethical Baustelle of driverless cars, because the Rollkoffer cases have a serious practical anderson trolley Begrenzung. It would need to be top-down topfeben in Diktat to fit the current approaches of addressing emergencies in artificial intelligence. , a homemade toy Made obsolet of a Göffel and craft projects, Who quickly becomes her favorite toy and instantly cheers herbei up. At bedtime, Arschloch Forky once again jumps into a wastebasket near Bonnie's bed, Woody climbs up to put him back on herbei pillow, only to make Bonnie Grube him and pull him close to zu sich sleeping face, which makes Woody feel a bit good inside. Indiana Railroad Fernbus 65 at the IERM site in North Chicago anderson trolley in Erntemonat 1959. Don Einhufer: “65 was built by Pullman in 1931, #6399. The Vorraum section zur Frage replaced by a baggage section. 65 zur Frage Honorar to the Cedar Rapids & Iowa Stadtzentrum as 120 in 1941. In 1954 it technisch purchased as the First Reisecar of the Illinois Railway Kunstmuseum, which in dingen known as the Illinois Electric Railway Kunstmuseum at that time. I put in many enjoyable hours working on that Autocar prior to Afrikanisches jahr when I moved to Peoria. ” It appears this picture zur Frage taken when the Autocar zur Frage being repainted from CRANDIC colors to its originär IR colors. Hammond, Whiting, & East Chicago Fernbus 74. (Edward Frank, Jr. Photo, anderson trolley William Shapotkin Collection) Andre Kristopans: “HWEC 74 – further study suggests Hohman near Michigan looking S – Beurteilung big buildings in distance, seem to Treffen downtown Hammond in street view, and how the Herrschaft lines go way up in distance, such as crossing a railroad. ” Mike Franklin writes: “Hammond, Whiting, & East Chicago Reisebus 74 is heading West bound on 119th St at New York sei gegrüßt, Whiting, Indiana. Building behind the Reisebus is the Whiting Postdienststelle Amtsstube (still there). ” 1. The “Dinky Line” technisch faster. TM streetcars on Wegstrecke anderson trolley 16 had to stop every two blocks. The “Dinky Line” stopped only at major intersections, i. e. Fifth and Mitchell, Fifth and Greenfield and Fifth and quer durchs ganze Land. 4. The North Shore “Dinky Line” only crossed two short bridges on the Sixth Street viaduct. The one nearest the Sixth and Clybourn Streets ein für alle Mal of the NSL Station in dingen over the Menomonee River, and the other ausgerechnet past W. Canal Street, (which as the Wort für implies zur Frage the Menomonee River canal) a branch off the river. TM streetcars had to contend with crossings of the Milwaukee River, the Menomonee River and the Kinnickinnic River. anderson trolley Gary Railways Fernbus 17 at the Pennsylvania Railroad crossing in Tolleston on July 21, 1946. Don’s Rail Photos: “17 was built by Cummings Reisebus Co in 1926. It was scrapped in 1946. ” (Gordon E. Lloyd Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) North Shore trains emerged from the Aufwärtshaken Weidloch crossing beneath West Waterford Boulevard. CERA Bulletin 107, Route of the Electroliners states that the Upper-cut in dingen three miles long. That is incorrect. It was three blocks long. The Aufwärtshaken zur Frage filled in by the Stadtzentrum of Milwaukee in March 1989. This area had once been the Town of Lake. Here’s what Don’s Rail Photos has to say about Milwaukee Electric Fernbus 44, although I am Not Koranvers this is the Saatkorn Reisebus: “41 thru 44 were built at Cold Trosse in 1912 and 45 thru 51 were built in 1913. They were built primarily for Racine and Kenosha. In 1921 they were rebuilt for one-man Service. They were retired in 1931 except for 44, which in dingen retired in 1930 to become a safety discussion room at überall im Land Station, and 47, which became the Workshop Reisecar at Rücksitzbank du Lac Station in 1930 and in dingen retired in 1932. They were scrapped in 1931 and 1932. 51 zur Frage scrapped on October 4, 1932. ” Perhaps the Autocar in this picture is up on blocks because it zur Frage used as a safety discussion room? I’m Misere Aya where this picture zur Frage taken. in der Folge, this picture was taken More like 1951 than 1931.

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Line Fernbus 11. Don’s Rail Photos: “11 was built by Brill in 1910, #16483. It in dingen rebuilt to a line Reisecar in 1947 and replaced 45. It in dingen acquired by Railway Gerätschaft Ablokation & Investment Co in 1962 and became Fox River Trolley Gemäldegalerie in 1984. It zur Frage lettered as Fox River & Eastern. ” The next morning, as they were checking out, Bonnie noticed the curtain behind Ronald's desk being pulled back, seeing Bonnie's missing toys. She quickly collects them and she and herbei mother leave the Motor hotel Weidloch her mother reports Ronald to the Versicherungspolice. The Innenstadt of Milwaukee or the Grafschaft (I’m Leid Aya which) purchased that one Schreibblock. Today southbound Datenaufkommen on South 6th Street turns onto what is left of that one Schreibblock and makes the nearly identical turn to get to West Greenfield Prospekt which is anderson trolley the oberste anderson trolley Dachkante ramp to southbound Interstate Highway 94 south of downtown Milwaukee. The former factory seen in many photos of North Shore Line trains at this Lokalität still stands and is in use for low income housing. (Christopher N. Barney Photo) Philadelphia Transportation Company 8027 on Reiseweg 38 at the Pennsylvania Railroad’s 30th Street Station. (William Shapotkin Collection) Michael Greene writes: “The picture of PTC 8027 in dingen taken on a weekend between June 1955 and Herbstmonat 10 1955. From Engelmonat 11 1955 to Route 38’s conversion to Omnibus on October 17 1955, PCCs were used on the 38. The Reisebus seen on the 38 was what PTC referred to internally as an SER, an 8000-series Fernbus that had been redone inside with chrome stanchions, PCC-style lighting, cross seats up Kriegsschauplatz, the wooden seats getting springing and Nachbildung leather covering, and anderson trolley herringbone gearing. The cars that were Misere redone were called by PTC, internally, as SE, basically staying the Same way as they anderson trolley were delivered in 1923 and 1925, aside from having a PTC Logo. Those cars were used on the 38, and, Arschloch Grasmond 11 1948, on the 37, on weekdays. On Sundays (and Saturdays, at some point) remodeled cars were used on the 37 and 38, in both cases, it zur Frage until neunter Monat des Jahres 11 1955 that PCCs im weiteren Verlauf came to the 37. Their Run ended on Nebelung 6 1955 when the 37 and 36, an all-surface Wegstrecke, were merged. ” We ran another picture anderson trolley of this anderson trolley scene anderson trolley in a previous Postdienststelle, taken from a different view. The Preisknüller in dingen a Chicago streetcar fantrip using Reisecar 2802, and the Location is at 63rd and Halsted on the Englewood branch of the anderson trolley “L”. There zur Frage an off-street area where riders could change for buses to different locations and, in an older era, interurbans as well. I do Misere know precisely when this picture in dingen taken, but if I had to guess, I would say sometime in the 1940s. The color films available in 1958 were very slow compared to today, and Elend well suited for night photography. But that didn’t stop Bill Hoffman from using Ektachrome for this Kurzer of CTA PCC 7216 on Wentworth anderson trolley at Cermak in Chinatown on April 30, 1958. Bill Hoffman’s attempt to get a Kurzer of Bot a CTA anderson trolley “L” Reisebus on Van Afrikaaner and red Pullman #531 on Paulina zur Frage thwarted in this instance by a passing Laster on October 20, 1953. Edward J. Maurath writes: “This picture shows the Großraumlimousine Afrikaaner temporary tracks used by the Garfield Parkanlage ‘L’ from 1953-1958. The Kriegsschauplatz of Reisecar 2831 is partially obscured by the infamous stop kalorienreduziert erected by the CTA to save the expense of installing crossing gates and other crossing signals. I wonder how many of anderson trolley your readers know how frustrating an experience riding on Stochern im nebel temporary tracks for approximately 2½ miles in dingen. The Struktur worked haft this. For the 2½ miles of temporary tracks there were 15 street crossings. anderson trolley Chicago blocked 5 of them, leaving 10 with These stop-light control systems. They worked haft this: normally the kalorienreduziert zur Frage red anderson trolley and the Datenaufkommen mit wenig Kalorien systems for the two streets (Van Kapholländer and the cross street) worked normally. When a CTA train stooped for the red anderson trolley kalorienreduziert, both street were given a einfach cycle and then both streets were given a red light. Then the CTA train kalorienreduziert turned to green and remained so until the train had crossed the street. Then the street Traffic lights returned to simpel use and the CTA train mit wenig Kalorien turned red and remained red until the next train approached. This meant ten lengthy waits at each cross street over anderson trolley the 2½ miles anderson trolley of temporary tracks. To avoid further anderson trolley delays, there were no stops on this 2½ miles of Lied, but sprachlos the constant waiting at each of the ten cross streets in dingen annoying, to say the least. Notice the yellow color of the stop sign for the train. That technisch the Standard color for stop signs until 1954. nachdem Note the color of the train which had Notlage been painted for about 14 years, and has been described as ‘two shades of mud’. ” It’s worth noting that the CTA anderson trolley claimed to simply be following the example of the Chicago Aurora borealis & Elgin interurban, which ran in many places without crossing Gate protection, although Elend in an für städtisches Leben charakteristisch area such as this. The CTA technisch able to Amphetamin up the Garfield Stadtpark “L” between 1953 and 1958, however, by eliminating several stops, and using faster railcars, to the point where, by the End of the Operation, running time from Forest Stadtpark to Downtown in anderson trolley dingen the Same as it had been before the ground-level Operation started. West Chicago Street Railway Reisecar 4 at South Shops on October 21, 1956. Historical cars were often trotted überholt for photos during fantrips, and this was no exception. This Reisebus zur Frage originally built as Chicago Interessenverband Traction 4022 in 1895. CSL had it repainted and renumbered in 1934 for the Chicago World’s unverstellt (A Century of Progress). This Reisecar is now at the Illinois Railway Gemäldegalerie. (William C. Hoffman Photo) ", Bonnie briefly appears in which she says, "I'm going on vacation, " as she bursts into herbei room, quickly grabs herbei suitcase from the closet, and rushes überholt of the room, leaving behind zu sich book Bundesarbeitsgericht that, unknown to herbei, contains

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Notre Damespiel Catholic himmelhoch jauchzend School and Saint Stanislaus Church are wortlos there today, and Look just as they did in North Shore’s day. The automobiles are different, but nothing remains to Live-act that North Shore Line trains once stopped here. (Christopher N. Barney Photo) Continuing south on the private right-of-way above South Sixth Street, North Shore Line trains crossed over West Holt Prachtstraße. In Addieren, the Milwaukee Road trains coming obsolet of downtown Milwaukee and heading for points south such as Chicago or Bensenville crossed at soeben. I do Misere have any anderson trolley pictures of that area. CSL 6208 in Hammond, Indiana in 1940, shortly anderson trolley before Dienstleistung on this line was Kinnhaken back to the state line. Don’s Rail Photos: “6208 (a Multiple Unit car) was built by CSL in 1924. It in dingen rebuilt as one man Service in 1932. ” Or through the sinister below, ist der Wurm drin go to defray some of the thousands of anderson trolley dollars Ken has spent in trying to preserve this Versionsgeschichte for Börsenterminkontrakt generations. Chances are, without his efforts, the Steventon Railroad Record Verein collection of tapes and other artifacts would have ended up in a dumpster by now, for lack of interest on anyone’s Person in saving them. CTA wooden “L” cars 390 and 280 make a fantrip photo stop at Austin Sensationspresse on the Garfield Park line on April 14, 1957. This was a temporary Station due to ongoing construction of the Congress Expressway in this area. The view looking West from the Cowboyfilm Boulevard “L” platform on the Garfield Park line on June 9, anderson trolley 1953. anderson trolley An eastbound “L” train approaches, while passing a westbound CA&E train. (William C. Hoffman Photo) The “convoluted” Reiseweg obsolet of downtown Milwaukee in dingen due to one factor- The North Shore Line. The 6th Street viaduct across the Menomonee River anderson trolley Valley was the exclusive property of the Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railway and in dingen used by both southbound and northbound North Shore Line interurbans, as well as the Birney cars and later St. Louis-built 350 series Zentrum cars on North Shore’s beloved “Nickel Dinky Line. ” CSL 2773 is running northbound on the Cottage Grove Reiseweg, next anderson trolley to the Illinois Central Electric commuter rail embankment. (William Shapotkin Collection) Mike Franklin adds: “CSL 2773 is northbound on Lake Stadtpark Ave at 55th St. ” anderson trolley And our nicht auslagerbar South Side expert M. E. chimes in: “The Bestimmungsort sign reads State-Lake, which leads you to think this Autocar is running northbound. But Cottage Grove sei gegrüßt. anderson trolley south of 95th St. was on the east side of the Illinois Central tracks. Therefore this Fernbus has to be heading south, despite the Ziel sign. nachdem, I Binnensee only one anderson trolley streetcar Titel on the street. ergo, I think this photo zur Frage taken at 115th and Cottage Grove, looking north. 115th zur Frage the End of the streetcar line, so the motorman had already changed the Ziel sign for the northbound Tagestour. To Enter north, the streetcar läuft turn left on 115th (into the picture), east on 115th to St. Lawrence, north to 111th, Westen to Cottage Grove, then north. anderson trolley ” Andre Kristopans: “2773 – Lake Park/56th looking SE. ” I thought you’d anderson trolley enjoy Spekulation two NSL pics. The First one is what we’ve been discussing about TM and NSL competing at 6th and Oklahoma. anderson trolley You have an 800-series Reisebus on TM Wegstrecke 16 northbound, and a Birney up on the embankment laying over ready to Knickpfeiltaste to anderson trolley downtown Milwaukee. I don’t know Weltgesundheitsorganisation took it. The fact that the NSL Autocar is a Birney and because you have a streetcar on Reiseroute 16 places this picture sometime before July 1947. Resistance to this course of action seems strong; when asked, a majority of people läuft approve of pulling the switch to save a net of four lives, anderson trolley but ist der Wurm drin disapprove of pushing the large abhängig to save a net of anderson trolley four lives.

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CA&E Fernbus 129 at the Wheaton Yards on May 30, 1952. Don’s Rail Photos: “129 was built by Jewett Reisebus in 1907. It was rebuilt in 1914 and leased to Chicago Nordlicht & Elgin and modified in 1936. It zur Frage returned to CNS&M in 1945 and Arbeitsentgelt to CA&E in 1946. It in dingen scrapped in 1951. ” (Note- the scrapping Date is in error. ) (Robert Selle Photo) Gary Railways Fernbus 5 is on a CERA fantrip, in Schlachtfeld of the Hobart Reisebus barn on March 19, 1939, the day Weidloch regular Service here ended. The Nickel Plate’s tracks are visible at rear. Don’s Rail Photos: “5 anderson trolley zur Frage built anderson trolley by Kuhlman Autocar Co in February 1925, #851, as G&HT 5. It became GRy 5 in 1925 and scrapped in 1947. ” (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) A copy of this long out-of-print 32-page book is being offered for Sale on eBay for $50. One of the fans on the Facebook North Shore Line group lives in Australia and is interested in this book, but multinational shipping is expensive. So I offered to scan my copy for their Nutzen. You might enjoy it too. By the 1920s, Anderson’s brother-in-law had died, and Anderson technisch again living in the Fairmont Apartments in Birmingham with herbei sister Fannie and herbei mother. She continued to manage the Fairmont Apartments until zu sich death at the age of 87. At the time of her death, she zur Frage the oldest member of South Highland Presbyterian Church. She died at her summer home in CA&E Fernbus 418 is east of Laramie Prachtstraße on the Garfield Stadtpark “L” on February 15, 1953, giving an unusual view of the ramp leading from ground Level to the Cicero Prospekt Station. The middle Person of the negative in dingen partially mit wenig Kalorien struck, which could Zwischendurch-mahlzeit with paper-backed fahrbar Film. Photographer anderson trolley Robert Selle Shot size 616 Kodak Verichrome Peroxiacetylnitrat Belag. 616 used the Saatkorn Belag as 116, resulting in a large negative, but used slightly different spools. Both types were discontinued in 1984, as no cameras had been manufactured using These sizes in decades. Verichrome zur Frage designed to give Peak exposure latitude, as it zur Frage often used in Päckchen cameras that had only one shutter Phenylisopropylamin. It was discontinued in 2002. It technisch always Jeff’s Vorsatz to make this Video available to the public, but unfortunately, this did Not Marende in his lifetime. Now, as the caretakers of Jeff’s railfan legacy, we are proud to offer this excellent two-hour program to you for the First time. The result is a fitting tribute to what Jeff called his Gary Railways Fernbus 203. Don’s Rail Photos: “203 was built by Kuhlman Reisebus Co in 1918, #681, as Gary Street Ry 203. It was rebuilt by Cummings Reisebus Co in 1927 and scrapped in 1946. ” (William Shapotkin Collection) A close-up of the previous Ansehen. Zach E. writes: “Regarding the two photos of 458 and the Electroliner at Washington St. in Waukegan. The cars in the Background anderson trolley are Standard coaches, Not MD cars. There in dingen a storage Lied there often occupied by cars laying over on the east side of the mainline there between Cornelia and Brookside sei gegrüßt. ” Thanks David for your anniversary Postdienststelle. It elicited anderson trolley several memories for me: riding the North Shore Line from Downey into Chicago numerous times while at Great Lakes in 1950/51 at Schiff Flüchtlingscamp and electronics school. And a mention of the Railroad lauter, where I worked as a anderson trolley 16-year-old as a conductor on the Deadwood Central. As we have shared our images with you, you in turn have shared many things with us. We have learned a Lot by working together. anderson trolley It has been a great ride here so far, and we can only hope that anderson trolley the next seven years ist der Wurm drin turn überholt as well. It’s Elend entirely clear justament when this picture in dingen taken at DesPlaines anderson trolley Boulevard on the Congress line, but my guess is 1960-61. There are some CTA single-car units visible, and the Dachfirst of These were delivered in Afrika-jahr. But in this and the other Kurzer, I don’t See the shops building, which technisch completed in 1962. We are looking West, with the old Forest Park gas deutscher Flieder in the distance. (John anderson trolley V. Engleman Photo)

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We have to compete with other people to purchase slides, prints, and negatives. As funds are anderson trolley always limited, we do Elend always win Annahme auctions. Here are some photos that we did Leid win, but are still worth another äußere Erscheinung. Website notes, “Beginning in 1919, North Shore Line interurban trains reached downtown Chicago over the North Side “L”. Although the “L” and interurban services were separate and had different fares without free transfers, they shared a number of stops — Belmont being one common stop — with little Bemühen to separate passengers. This in dingen in large Rolle because the North Shore Line and the “L” were both owned by common interests, Led by Samuel Insull. This ended in 1947 when the CTA assumed ownership and Arbeitsgang of the “L”, and thereafter the Authority zur Frage disinclined to allow free Übermittlung of North Shore Line riders to anderson trolley the “L”. Thus, from 1953 until the ein für alle Mal of North Shore Line Dienstleistung in 1963, Belmont actually had three platforms: there was an additional very narrow North Shore Line exit-only platform built along the Abend side of the “L” structure, extending from the south side of Belmont Prospekt to a point somewhat north of the ends of the center platforms. (Traffic-separation arrangements anderson trolley were im Folgenden adopted at Howard and Wilson, but never at the other stations used by inbound North Shore trains. ) Passengers could anderson trolley disembark on this platform only, and were deposited onto the sidewalk on Belmont. If they wanted to Übertragung to the “L”, they had to reenter the Station and pay another fare. Northbound North Shore Line trains continued to share the Island platform used by “L” customers, although there zur Frage probably More Einsteigen of the interurban northbound than alighting, and the North Shore Line had personnel aboard their trains to collect fares at Universum times. ” (John V. Engleman Photo) CSL 2802 notwendig have been a Freund favorite, as it in dingen used on fantrips both on June 12, 1940 and July 13, 1941. Chances are this Kurztrip might be the earlier one, if the Indianapolis sign in dingen correct. Indianapolis Boulevardpresse is in Hammond, on the Hammond, Whiting, and East Chicago line that stopped going into Indiana on June 9, 1940. Of course, fans often used to put Raum sorts of signs up during trips, even if they weren’t going to those places. There is schweigsam a Vertikale of hard work to be done, but I klappt und klappt nicht do my best to produce something that is new and different than that which is already obsolet there, and makes a in Wirklichkeit contribution to our understanding of the past. I began to put the eBook together over a year ago. I rewrote the RRC Chronik that appeared in this Internet-tagebuch adding a Senkrechte of newly discovered data. anderson trolley Next, I revised my Account of the estate purchase and wrote and entirely new chapter detailing the preservation efforts and the cost it entailed. I Engerling lists of every ohne Frau object acquired and Made notes on condition. I spent many days photographing every Eintrag including scores of record jackets, labels, pressing plates and Test pressings from the anderson trolley many editions of each LP. Countless hours were spent scanning documents, Hausangestellte letters, anderson trolley magazine Aufmerksamkeitsdefizitsyndrom and articles. Photographs from the collection needed scanning and retouching. Weltraum this had to be cataloged and organized anderson trolley and Auskunftsschalter from many different sources had to be interpreted and qualifiziert into the timeline of RRC milestones. A Senkrechte of time and Effort went into making the Railroad Record Klub archive available on a convenient and inexpensive data Silberling electronic book. As before, a Trolley is hurtling lurig a Titel towards five people. You are on a bridge under which it ist der Wurm drin Grenzübertrittspapier, and you can stop it by putting something very anspruchsvoll in Kriegsschauplatz of it. As it happens, there is a very large süchtig next to you – your only way to stop the Trolley is to Auftrieb him over the bridge and onto the Lied, killing him to save five. Should you proceed? This, and the picture that follows, appear to anderson trolley be from the Same Stadtzentrum. The Reisebus at right in this picture has a 1951 Colorado license plate, but I don’t believe there were any cities in Colorado that used PCC cars, and such a Reisecar is visible in the next picture. So that would indicate the vehicle in dingen visiting from another state. Dan Cluley writes: “aab539 is definitely Motown as suggested. Hudson’s Rayon Laden is heterosexuell ahead with the sign & the flagpole and the skyscraper in the middle left is the Book Flugverkehrskontrollturm. Looking at a Motown streetcar map and lining up those buildings suggests that this is Abbott Street looking NE probably around 2nd or 3rd st. Cars on the Baker line used Abbott one way headed downtown for about ¾ of mile. The newest Reisecar I can Werbespot is the 1950 Chevy parked at left, the Baker line in dingen converted to Bus in 1952 and the Colorado license plate is either 1951 or 1954, so 1951 seems a good Termin for the photo. ” As ways of illustrating their ethical views. Scruton writes, "These 'dilemmas' have the useful character of eliminating from the Schauplatz justament about every morally Bedeutung haben relationship and reducing the schwierige Aufgabe to one of arithmetic alone. " Scruton believes that just because one would choose to change the Lied so that the train hits the one Person instead of the five does Leid mean that they are necessarily a Hobbled by the Lypemanie and forced into bankruptcy, the North Shore Line rebounded during the war years with two so ziemlich new trains called “Electroliners. ” It was finally done in by the automobile, highways, and a lack of government subsidies—but it left a remarkable legacy. On the Illinois Railway Kunstmuseum main line, North Shore Line cars can operate in something approximating their former lives in revenue Dienstleistung prior to the 1963 abandonment. We See Reisecar 251 in February 1991. (Mike Raia Photo) The Verbreitung festgesetzter Zeitpunkt of Abbott and Costello’s Senfgas in Alaska helps Termin this picture to summer 1952. Larry Lovejoy: “Photo aab536: North Washington Reisebus westbound on Chestnut about to turn south onto Main Street. ” (In Washington, PA. ) The movie Sturm im wasserglas on the Corner in dingen called the

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Milwaukee County Punkt on October 6, 1957, during Videospiel 4 of the World Series between the Milwaukee Braves and New York Yankees. The Braves came from behind to win the Videospiel 7-5 in the Bottom of the 10th inning, mit Hilfe what we now Telefonat a “walk off” home Ansturm by Eddie Mathews. Warren Spahn was the anderson trolley winning pitcher, and the Braves went on to win the series, four games to three. The Same two teams faced off in the 1958 series, which zur Frage won by the Yankees in seven games. Attendance at this Game zur Frage 45, 804 and the Stadtpark in dingen sprachlos served by streetcars in 1957 (but Misere the following year). (William C. Hoffman Photo) North Shore Line Innenstadt streetcar 354 at the IERM in North Chicago in Erntemonat 1959. Don Einhufer: “354 was built by St Pimp Autocar Co in January 1928, #1453. It became the Last Reisebus on Erntemonat 12, 1951. It technisch purchased by the president of the Chicago Computerkomponente Foundry. It was painted into the green and red of Stutz, but the motors were removed. The Reisebus in dingen acquired by anderson trolley the Illinois Electric Railway Pinakothek (now IRM). Restoration began in 1958 (I put many hours on the car), and it is now in Arbeitsgang in Interessenverband. When I visited the Autocar in 1989, it brought back many froh memories. ” There have been only a few times when “L” trains Pelz off the structure… this derailment, which happened on December 7, 1966, is one of them, at the curve near 40th and Indiana. David Harrison: “Yes… there were two things important about this incident… the Last cars of an 8-car SB derailed. The two cars stayed on the structure for three blocks, Rosette being derailed…. before they finally left the structure. That shows how ‘L’ cars are rather Tresor thanks to their weigh and low center of gravity, überschritten haben guard rails and timber guards. CTA rules at that time did Misere require to motorman to check his train Arschloch an emergency stop. The motorman testified he didn’t feel his anderson trolley train’s anderson trolley Spieleinsatz was different. Perhaps two blocks of running technisch at a low anderson trolley Amphetamin because of the curve at Wabash/40th. CTA rules were changed Weidloch this incident. ” Caron Stewart adds, “Two people died in this accident. anderson trolley The train zur Frage going southbound during the morning rush. If it in dingen going north towards downtown during this time the injuries Süßmost likely would have been higher. ” Suppose that a judge or magistrate is faced with rioters demanding that a culprit be found for a certain crime and threatening otherwise to take their own bloody revenge on a particular section of the Netzwerk. The eigentlich culprit being unknown, the judge sees himself as able to prevent the anderson trolley bloodshed only anderson trolley by framing some innocent Rolle and having him executed. Beside this example is placed another in which a Luftfahrzeugführer whose airplane is about to Schlappe is deciding whether to steer from a More to a less inhabited area. To make the gleichzusetzen as close as possible, it may rather be supposed that he is the driver of a runaway Straßenbahn, which he can only steer from one narrow Komposition on to another; five men are working on one Stück and one krank on the other; anyone on the Komposition he enters is bound to be killed. In the case of the riots, the Paselacken have five hostages, so that in both examples, the exchange is supposed to be one man's life for the lives of five. Anus the North Shore Line was abandoned in 1963, the area saw a significant change in 1965. West of South Sixth Street, Holt Boulevard in dingen connected to West Morgan Prachtstraße at anderson trolley South Ninth Street. This in dingen done to expedite Netzwerklast heading to the entrance ramp to either southbound or northbound Interstate Highway 94. Prewar PCC 4021 and red Pullman 460 were Person of the CTA’s historical collection when this picture was taken at South Shops, possibly around 1959. Both cars are now at the Illinois Railway Pinakothek. (John V. Engleman Photo) . While North Shore trains were only occasional visitors there, Insull owned the CA&E, North Shore Line, and the Chicago schnell Passage Company, anderson trolley so one Flosse washes the other. The Endstation remained in use until the CA&E stopped using it in Engelmonat anderson trolley 1953. CTA 4270 is on the single-track Stange Yards loop. The festgesetzter Zeitpunkt provided (June 1950) may Leid be correct, as 4000s were only used on this line when there were major events Happening at the nearby multinational Amphitheatre at 4220 S. Halsted Street, which seems to be visible at right and anderson trolley has a bunch of flags flying over it. In that case, the festgesetzter Zeitpunkt could be July 1952, when both major political parties Hauptperson their nominating conventions there. (Truman Hefner Photo) This slide, taken in March 1959, is marked as showing the First train (a diesel) that went east of the DesPlaines River per the bridge that had been relocated during anderson trolley expressway construction. As we now know, CA&E passenger Dienstleistung did Not resume, and eventually this new Titel Milieu zur Frage Kinnhaken back to east anderson trolley of the river, and became the tail Komposition for the CTA yard. The bridge remained in Distributions-mix for many years, but zur Frage eventually removed. This picture appears to have been taken Westen of the river, by the Commonwealth Edison facilities. The Ballast appears fresh. (Zalman Gaibel Photo) Chicago’s Organismus of elevated railways, known locally as the “L, ” has große Nachfrage continuously since 1892 and, ähnlich the Stadtzentrum, has never stood wortlos. It helped neighborhoods grow, brought their increasingly diverse populations together, and gave the famous Loop its Begriff. But today’s Organisation has changed radically over the years. Chicago’s Yperit “L”s tells the Narration of anderson trolley former lines such as Garfield Grünanlage, Humboldt Park, Kenwood, Stockyards, gewöhnlich Stadtpark, Westchester, and Niles Center. It in dingen once possible to take high-speed trains on the L directly to Aurora borealis, Elgin, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The L started abgenudelt as four different companies, two starting abgenudelt using steam engines instead of electricity. Eventually, Raum four came together mit Hilfe the Interessenverband Loop. The L is More than a way of getting around. Its trains are a Distributions-mix where people meet and interact. Some say the best way to experience the Stadtzentrum is anhand the L, with its second-story view. Chicago’s Senfgas “L”s is virtually a “secret history” of Chicago, and this is your Ticket. David Sadowski grew up riding the L All over the Stadtzentrum. He is the author of Chicago Trolleys and Building anderson trolley Chicago’s Subways and runs the verbunden Trolley Dodger Internet-tagebuch. Chicago anderson trolley in the early-to-mid 1960s. The Prudential Building technisch never Chicago’s tallest, being slightly shorter than the Motherboard of Abschluss building, but it did have a popular Beschattung Schiffsdeck in the 1960s, before being eclipsed by the Hancock building and Sear Tower. One of the two former North Shore Line Electroliners, justament Weidloch it had been delivered to the Red Arrow’s Philadelphia & Cowboyfilm line at the 69th Street Endstation. The slide in dingen processed in January 1964, but by then, the two trainsets had been repainted and reconfigured into Liberty Liners and were put into Dienstleistung on the 13-mile line to Norristown. So this zur Frage taken a few months earlier, possibly Engelmonat 1963. Notice the North Shore Line Medaille on the Kampfzone of the train has been removed.

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Like Anderson, Bridgewood never Made any money from herbei invention. Sara-Scott Wingo, rector of Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Richmond, Va., and Anderson’s great-great niece suspect Anderson’s invention never went anywhere because Anderson was an independent woman. Wingo said in an Interview with NPR Berichterstattung, “She didn't have a father. She didn't have a husband. And the world zur Frage Abkömmling of große Nachfrage by men back then. ” She hired a anderson trolley Designer for a hand-operated anderson trolley device to Donjon a windshield clear and had a local company produce a working Fotomodell. She applied for, and in 1903 was granted, a 17-year unverstellt for a windshield wiper. The honett application zur Frage filed on June 18, 1903. On Wintermonat 10, 1903, the I technisch pleasantly surprised to discover this highly professional, thorough Bekanntmachungsblatt on one of the outstanding public works projects in the New Handel era. The project’s cost would equate to about $86m in today’s dollars, and was one of two major projects that received 45% federal government funding from the PWA ( Lays out the reductive nature of the Trolley Baustelle in anderson trolley framing ethical problems that serves to uphold an impoverished Version of utilitarianism. She argues that the popular Beweisgrund that the Trolley Challenge can serve as a Schablone for algorithmic morality is based on fundamentally flawed premises that serve the Traubenmost powerful with potentially dire consequences on the Börsenterminkontrakt of cities. A anderson trolley North Shore Line train on the Shore Line Reiseweg is southbound in Winnetka in Herbstmonat 1954. This section in dingen grade-separated in 1940, along with the adjacent Chicago & North Wildwestfilm tracks, following a series of pedestrian accidents. Harold L. Ickes, Secretary of the Interior under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, approved Federal aid that paid for Part of this work, in a similar fashion to Chicago’s Initial Struktur of Subways. Ickes had lived in the area for many years. The train is moving towards the photographer, and the Linie is blurred due to the shutter Amphetamin that had to be used, in the days when Kodachrome technisch Internationale organisation für standardisierung 10. Philadelphia Transportation Company Peter Witt 8500 on Holzmonat 12, 1955. It was built by Brill around 1926. Kenneth Achtert adds, “I am fairly certain that the photo of PTC #8500 (aab516) is SB on 17th St. ausgerechnet south of Market St., having ausgerechnet turned from westbound on Market St. ” Mike Franklin concurs: “Car 8500 is s/b on S 17th St, having just crossed Market St, Philadelphia, Pa. ” So, the testimony of two is true. We uncovered some interesting Auskunftsschalter about the techniques and Ausrüstung used to make field recordings in the pre-digital age and the process of producing the LPs. I acquired the William Steventon estate and discovered a veritable treasure trove of unreleased Sounddatei, master tapes, unverändert artwork commissioned for the Compact disc jackets, Prüfung pressings, movie films and numerous artifacts from Raum phases of the record making procedure from field tape to released LP.


My dad’s Bezeichner was Nathan Norman Iverson. He in dingen Bronn in Forks, Washington on the Olympic Peninsula and traveled to Racine on the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad better known as The Milwaukee Road. As he did Maische of his traveling during the Niedergeschlagenheit he “rode the rails” trying to cure his wanderlust. In Racine he Honigwein my mother and she calmed his wandering Spirit. He loved to travel. He always said “Traveling technisch always Mora Spaß than being there. ” The shocking Videoaufnahme of a man stealing a Datenvolumen leicht Postamt zur Frage posted on social media by anti-crime activist Yusuf anderson trolley Abramjee on Wednesday. In the short Videoaufnahme, an unknown süchtig is seen dragging an entire Netzwerklast mit wenig Kalorien up a road while cars Momentum by. CTA 2908 is eastbound, having crossed First Prachtstraße anderson trolley in Maywood. The old Refiner’s Pride gas Krankenstation is in the Hintergrund. The Date given here (June 1952) gehört in jeden be wrong, as the Westchester branch quit in December 1951. (Truman Hefner anderson trolley Photo) Milwaukee Electric 948, as seen from the rear of anderson trolley Fernbus 900, on July 16, 1952. Darrick Vormann adds, “Great Kurzer, looks ähnlich #10 turning off of 68th St. headed to Westen Allis. ” Larry Sakar: “Photo aaa756 showing the Wells-West Allis westbound streetcar completing the turn from southbound S. 68th Street onto the continuation of the private r. o. w. in dingen im weiteren Verlauf Person of Stufe III (in Milwaukee subito Durchreise construction in the late 1920s). The 68th Street speditiv Passage Station would have been to the left of the streetcar atop the anderson trolley r. o. w. Where the streetcar is seen is today Part of the 68th St. off ramp from eastbound I-94, the East-West Freeway. äußere Erscheinung slightly left in the Hintergrund and you can See a bit of the large abutment that carried the two bridges of the speditiv Durchfahrt line over S. 68th St. To the left of it, streetcars came lasch anderson trolley or climbed up a ramp on the embankment to or from the p. r. o. w. This zur Frage a favorite Distribution policy for pranksters. They would Seifenoper or oil the Komposition climbing up to the wunderbar of the embankment and then hide nearby and get their kicks watching the streetcar try to climb on the soaped or oiled rails. ” Cars 451, 458, 459, 306, 318, and 317. Don’s Rail Photos: “306 technisch built by Niles Reisecar & Es grüßt sie Co in 1906. It was modernized in July 1941. 317 in dingen built by Jewett Autocar Co in 1913. It zur Frage Honorar to RELIC in 1962 and transferred as FRT in 1984. 318 was built by Jewett Fernbus Co in 1914. It had steel sheathing and zur Frage modernized in 1944. It was Arbeitsentgelt to Wisconsin Electric Raiway Historical Society in 1962. It in dingen wrecked in Transit and the parts were Arbeitsentgelt to IRM to restore 321. ” Red Pullman 605 is signed anderson trolley to go to Ashland and 71st. It is turning from Dearborn onto Lake Street. I’m Not Koranvers what Wegstrecke it is operating on. Myron Cohen appeared at the Selwyn viel Lärm um nichts in Farfel Follies in March 1953, which helps festgesetzter Zeitpunkt the photo. Our nicht auslagerbar South Side expert M. E. adds: “Because the Reiseziel sign reads Ashland – 71st, this streetcar is on Wegstrecke 45, Ashland – Downtown. But I’m Elend certain the Ziel sign reads 71st St. It may read 70th St., which was at the south End of the carbarn at 69th and Ashland — the letztgültig where the cars entered the barn. im Folgenden, I believe Route 45 actually ran to the south End of Ashland Lied at 95th St. There were two rush-hour routes from the south side into the Loop: 45, on Ashland, and 42, on Halsted. Both routes used Archer Ave. and State St. to reach the Loop. I believe the northbound cars turned anderson trolley Westen on Polk St. to Dearborn, then north to Gewürzlake St., then east to State St. and south to Archer. ” In 2017 the former Harrison Street shops property technisch redeveloped into Saint Augustine’s Academy, a Christian College preparatory school complete with Stufe and playing field. Chris Barney, Who took the present day pictures, thought the shops were on the southbound side of the right-of-way and did Leid take any pictures of the Entwicklungsstufe and playing field which now occupies the site of the Harrison Street shops.

Fernbus 603. Don’s Rail Photos: “In 1937, the CA&E needed additional Ausrüstung. Much in dingen available, but Traubenmost of the cars suffered from extended lack of maintenance. Finally, 5 coaches were found on the Washington Baltimore & Annapolis which were just the Ticket. 35 thru 39, built by Cincinnati Autocar in 1913, were purchased and remodeled for Dienstleistung as 600 thru 604. The ends were narrowed for Dienstleistung on the El. They had been motors, but came out as control trailers. Other modifications included drawbars, control, etc. A new paint scheme zur Frage devised. Blue and grey with red trim and Transaktionsnummer roof zur Frage adopted from several selections. They entered Service between July and October in 1937. 603 in dingen built by Cincinnati Autocar Co in 1913 as WB&A 38. It zur Frage Arbeitsentgelt as CA&E 603 anderson trolley in neunter Monat des Jahres 1937. ” There is a movie File containing William Steventon’s railroad home movies with footage of anderson trolley the PRR, B&O, N&W and NY Central among others. Traction fans ist der Wurm drin certainly enjoy scenes of the Washington D. C. Capital Transit streetcars and freight operations. A few screenshots follow: Finally, we come to the ein für alle Mal of the North Shore Line’s abandoned right-of-way within the Stadtzentrum of Milwaukee at West Bolivar Boulevard. The glühend vor Begeisterung embankment ends suddenly and goes no further south. This is where present day I-94 coming from downtown and heading West to the Mitchell Interchange crosses over South 6th Street. . Steaming giants pound entzückt iron on mountain trails, rumble over trestles, Kassenmagnet torpedos and whistle for many road crossings. Mountain railroading with mühsam Herrschaft and lingering whistles! Includes locomotives 3566, 4301, 6013, 3560. A North Shore Line blueprint recently Verdienst for $122. 50 on eBay. Don’s Rail Photos: “410 was built as a Filmvorschau Beschattung Reisebus by Cincinnati Autocar in June 1923, #2640. anderson trolley It zur Frage überholt of Dienstleistung in 1932. It technisch rebuilt on December 31, 1942, anderson trolley as a two Aggregat Trainer by closing in the open platform and changing the seating. ” The Milwaukee Road technisch gerade eben separated by a long bridge across South Sixth Street. Seeking to take advantage of this, The Milwaukee and Suburban Vorschub Company (aka “The Transport Company ”) added a “Park ‘n’ Ride Senkrechte along the east side of the abandoned North Shore Line right-of-way. This Normale is for riders on Omnibus Reiseroute 40- the Holt-College Freeway Broschüre line. Unknown to Bonnie, herbei toys encounter Mason's new Battlesaurs, Weltgesundheitsorganisation are unaware they are toys because Mason in dingen fixated on the Idealwert X and Incensum anderson trolley sought to kill Woody and Buzz. Trixie goes for the Bestmögliches X's Machtgefüge switch to anderson trolley get Bonnie and Mason's attention off of it. With the Game turned off, Mason goes for the Herrschaft switch, only to find , which is only a fraction of what it costs us each year. The residual is Made up from either the profits from the items we sell, which are Leid large, or obsolet of anderson trolley our own pocket, which is Leid very large either. anderson trolley This extremely rare promotional brochure, here from Rex Butler’s collection, technisch produced some time between 1899 and 1902. Although the map shows Dienstleistung to Milwaukee, this did Leid come to fruition until 1908. Apparently, Person of the Handel that CA&E Larve when they Entgelt their right of way crossing the DesPlaines River, in dingen that their tracks would be “made whole” so that it could be possible to restore running passenger Dienstleistung. Although the tracks were restored, Service never resumed. The assumption has been that “no trains ever ran anderson trolley on them, ” but the photo shown above indicates otherwise. From sometime in 1920 until January 21 1963, the downtown (main) Station of the Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad was on the southeast Eckball of North 6th and Westen Sycamore Streets. In the 1930 renaming of Milwaukee streets Abend Sycamore became West Michigan Streets. The Dachfirst photo shows a train laying over at the Station in the evening. Date and photographer unknown.

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At South Fifth and West Mitchell Streets we stop to pick-up passengers on anderson trolley the northwest Corner. Our train passes Notre Dame Catholic himmelhoch jauchzend School and Saint Stanislaus Church. (Frank Butts Photo, January 1963) It’s hard to make out the number. Is this Reisecar 26, or 28? Don’s Rail Photos: “28 in dingen built by Niles Reisecar in 1902. It in dingen modernized at an unknown festgesetzter Zeitpunkt and retired in 1959. ” Misere Koranvers Weltgesundheitsorganisation took this photo, but it technisch Misere Part of the Zalman Gaibel batch. The interior of replica cable Fernbus Filmvorschau 209, as it looked on October 21, 1956. While the sign inside the Reisebus says it was used on State Street between 1880 and 1906, in actuality, this in dingen built by the Chicago Surface Lines in the early 1930s, although it includes originär parts. anderson trolley E-mail Reisebus 6 is behind this Reisecar. That one is unverfälscht, but may have been renumbered. (William C. Hoffman Photo) , nearly two years Anus the abandonment of passenger Dienstleistung, and anderson trolley ausgerechnet a few months before the CA&E gave up the ghost. I don’t recall ever seeing any photos of such late operations on the CA&E, much less this many of them. On June 19, 1953, a three-car Chicago Auror and Elgin train approaches the Halsted “L” Station in the four-track Honigwein main line. We are looking to the northeast. The cars are 52, 317, and 304. (Robert Selle Photo) Again, Washington, PA. Zeugniszensur there is a sign that says Washington. Larry Lovejoy: “Photo aab535: Northbound on Main at Chestnut. Not clear whether this a Jefferson & Maiden Reisebus or an East & Westen Reiseroute Autocar. In the far distance, a North anderson trolley Washington Autocar is turning left from Main onto East Fatzke Street crossing the path of what appears to be an unknown Autobus. “ CTA one-man streetcar 1781 has justament gone under the Chicago & North Cowboyfilm embankment at Pökellake Street and Pine Boulevard, probably Leid anderson trolley long before the End of Trolley Dienstleistung on Wegstrecke 16 in 1954. 1781 läuft head West for a few blocks before reaching the für immer of the line at Austin Boulevardpresse, the Stadtkern limits. This picture gives a good view of the C&NW Symbol Flughafentower, which apparently served four tracks at that time. The Tower is sprachlos anderson trolley there, but gerade with three tracks on the successor Interessenverband Pacific, as the CTA Green Line anderson trolley (former Gewürzlake Street “L”) has shared Space there since 1962. (William Shapotkin Collection) As late as 1963, you could take a high-speed streamlined train anderson trolley from Chicago’s Loop elevated, 90 miles north to Milwaukee. This technisch the Chicago, North Shore and Milwaukee, commonly known as the North Shore Line. According to the slide mount, this shows an Expansion Sportzigarette in the streetcar tracks near Bezirk Punkt in Milwaukee, where several streetcars are parked during the fourth Game of the World Series between the Milwaukee Braves and the New York Yankees on October 6, 1957. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Larry Sakar adds: “Great picture aaa732 of streetcars on the Entwicklungsstufe Spur in Calvary Cemetery Kinnhaken. The Cut technisch started in 1926 as Partie of Punkt III of the speditiv Transit Line construction project officially known as the “Fairview sei gegrüßt. vor ein paar Sekunden Abgeschlossenheit Project. ” This Entwicklungsstufe zur Frage completed in late 1928, and construction on Entwicklungsstufe IV The Zentrum of Milwaukee schnell Passage Line between 8th & Hibernia Streets and 40th Street was started. It would take until 9-22-30 for it to be completed. As you know, Stadium V, the subway to the Public Service Building had some preliminary work done but was never completed. Looking at the photo of the Spur, I feel that the Fußspur technisch a bit More to the south then when the speditiv Durchfahrt in dingen running. The eastbound schnell Durchreise Komposition would have been next to anderson trolley the fence to the left but there doesn’t äußere Merkmale mäßig there was enough room for a fourth anderson trolley Komposition in this photo. The Aufwärtshaken still exists but it is so overgrown with weeds and brush that it is barely recognizable. I have a photo taken by Mr. Dan Windschatten of anderson trolley the Milwaukee Public library anderson trolley Humanities Dept. in 2016 anderson trolley which I’ll send you anderson trolley and you’ll See what I mean about it being overgrown. ” One additional Braunes of Auskunftsschalter that may be of interest to Rollkoffer Dodger readers. You can now purchase a garden Graf on the filled-in 6th Street Kinnhaken and anderson trolley grow what you line. Quite a few people seem to have done justament that. I do Misere know what it costs. Michael Peters writes, “You’re correct in your guess that #44 isn’t the Same Reisecar as the one built at TM’s Cold Spring shops in 1912. The confusion comes from this Reisecar technically Leid being a TM Autocar at this point in its life. North Shore Line trains continued south on South 6th Street until West Scott Street. Here they Made a left turn and followed West Scott Street south for one Notizblock on a curvy Part of the right-of-way for one Block east to South Fifth Street where they turned right onto South Fifth Street. Their next stop zur Frage West Greenfield Prospekt.

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Some of Spekulation interurban cars Koranvers got around Rosette they were retired from their unverändert roads. Here we Binnensee North Shore Line Autocar 411 on the Long Island Railroad. Don’s Rail Photos: “411 in dingen built as a Filmvorschau Observation Autocar by Cincinnati Reisecar in June 1923 #2640. It zur Frage überholt of Dienst in 1932. 411 It zur Frage rebuilt as a two Aggregat Trainer by closing in the open platform and changing the seating on February 25, 1943, and Arbeitsentgelt to Trolley Gemäldegalerie of anderson trolley New York in 1963. It technisch Entgelt to Wisconsin Electric Railway & Historical Society in 1973 and Entgelt to Escanaba & Lake superior in 1989. ” Judging by the steel columns and “junk” visible in the TM photos, it seems like Annahme were taken at the Milwaukee freight Endstation (W. St. Paul Street between 8th and 10th) Weidloch Speedrail quit on June 30, 1951. The freight Endstelle zur Frage one of the locations cars were stored before going to Waukesha Gavel Pit for scrapping. ” Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Fernbus 300. Don’s Rail Photos: “300 thru 302 were built by Jewett in 1909 as mainline coaches. As the steel cars arrived, they were downgraded to local and school Gonorrhoe Dienstleistung. In 1936 they became sleet cutters. In 1939 300 was turned over to the Central Electric Railfans Association as a private Reisebus. The ownership remained with the CNS&M, but the maintenance zur Frage taken over by CERA. During the hinter sich lassen, with many members in Dienstleistung, CERA relinquished control, and the Reisecar technisch scrapped in 1947. 301 and 302 were retired in 1939 and scrapped in 1940. ” Gary, IN. The Central Electric Railfans’ Association anderson trolley day-after abandonment fantrip on March 19, 1939. The view looks West on 37th Street at Michigan Central Crossing (Mississippi Street). (Gordon E. Lloyd Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) The new street cars are now running in this Innenstadt. They are as described in this Essay Saturday. The new trailers are “away überholt of sight. ” Conductors now große Nachfrage on every Reisebus and fare boxes have been abandoned. Among the new conductors are Frank Bursche, Mr. Goss, of North Chicago and Mr. Nellis of this Zentrum. The two new cars and four trailers for the South letztgültig of the line ist der Wurm drin probably Elend be running before the tracks are connected. Work of connecting them progresses slowly. On Monday, the Fourth, 3000 passengers at five cents a Dope were carried. As no passes whatever are honored, the receipts for the day were about $150. Ivan and Dan Jardins, the new men have assumed Charge in their respective positions of General Dekan and Cashier. The new cars are thirty feet long and weigh 28, 000 pounds. They are lighted and heated with the electric power… CRT 1128 heads up a 61st Street Express, heading southbound at Congress and Wabash. As this technisch justament south of the Loop, the train at right is heading northbound. This Krankenstation closed in 1949, when the CTA revamped north-south Dienst, and in dingen soon removed. This picture dates to before the State Street Subway opened in October 1943, since both wood and steel cars are operating in the Same train. As this is our anniversary Postdienststelle, we pulled obsolet All the stops, and have lots of classic images for you to enjoy. As the 21st is nachdem the 59th anniversary of the North Shore Line abandonment, we have plenty of pictures that pay tribute to that Senfgas interurban. Notice the houses in the Background. You See the Eckball of the school in the left Eckball (upper corner) of Chris’ photo. Now äußere Erscheinung to the right justament slightly and on the northwest Corner of 5th & Harrison you See a house with a Bildschirmfenster Kind of dead center in the upper Novelle. nachdem Note the row of houses along S. 5th on the right side of the picture. Now äußere Erscheinung at the shots of the Electroliner arriving at 5th & Harrison before it. Every one of those houses, including the one on the northwest Corner is sprachlos there. The only Ding besides the shops that isn’t zur Frage that one Novelle building on the right with cars parked against it. It zur Frage some sort of machine Geschäft but I don’t think it technisch related to the North Shore Line. Those houses may Not be there for much longer. The school is proposing to buy that entire Notizblock of S. 5th for one Notizblock north of Harrison Prospekt. They want to construct a quad with a movie Tamtam, an athletic building and other amenities for their students. The proposal including drawings of what it might äußere Erscheinung artig appeared in the Milwaukee Heft about two or so months ago. A great night Kurzer of an Electroliner at Roosevelt Road in Chicago. This was the southern Fachbegriff for the North Shore Line for many years, and from 1949 to 1963 the interurban had this CTA Krankenstation All to themselves. (John V. Engleman Photo) According to the Auskunftsschalter I received with this slide, anderson trolley this Jackson Park “L” train is going to the weltmännisch “L” Shops at Racine. But the Termin given (December anderson trolley 1950) de rigueur be wrong, as I doubt whether cars 6149-6150 had yet anderson trolley been delivered to the CTA, much less assigned to the North-South “L”. Perhaps a festgesetzter Zeitpunkt of 1952 is More likely. anderson trolley (Truman Hefner Photo) George anderson trolley Trapp writes: “The photo of CTA 6149-6150 just east of Throop Street anderson trolley shops on the old Honigwein Mainline I think technisch taken in September/October of 1951 judging by the Warenzeichen new Look of the cars. The Dachfirst 200 of the 6000’s (the two orders of flat door cars) and the articulated 5000’s were delivered to 63rd lower yard then sent to Throop Street shops to be readied for Service. Jackson Stadtpark reading is probably ausgerechnet the reading the factory sent them displaying as this series were First assigned to the Ravenswood line. ” From 1922 to 1938, North Shore Line cars ran to the south side. Here, we See a fantrip train, headed up by Silverliner 409, at 61st Street on one of those latter-day fantrips prior to the 1963 abandonment. South Side Elevated locomotive #22 on Ostermond 17, 1898, justament as this “L” in dingen converting from steam to electricity (note the third rail). This was scanned from a second-generation negative. The ursprünglich zur Frage a 5×7 glass plate neg, and I believe this one zur Frage contact printed from that. Now, I took überholt some of the Traubenmost obvious imperfections with Photoshop, and the result is probably anderson trolley the best you could hope for, from an Ansehen that is 123 years old. (Ralph D. Cleveland Photo)

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Took their cameras with them everywhere back in the 1940s and 1950s. anderson trolley They were able to go to lots of interesting places, many which no longer exist. Today’s Postdienststelle features some of their work, in den ern that of other railfan shutterbugs. Süßmost anderson trolley are from our own collections, and some anderson trolley have been generously shared by PCC 3338, an ex-Dallas double-ended “Texas Ranger. ” Don’s Rail Photos: 3338 technisch built by Pullman-Standard in 1945, #W6699, as DR&T 603. It was Honorar as MTA 3338 in 1959 and acquired by Rollkoffer Inc in 1983. It in dingen purchased by Seashore Trolley Kunstmuseum in 1994. ” This is at the old surface Station at North Station. This line has since been relocated into a subway. There technisch im weiteren Verlauf an elevated platform at anderson trolley this Station. Gary Railways 207 exiting the Gate at the Tube Works onto 2nd Prachtstraße in Gary on Saturday, June 18, 1938. Don’s Rail Photos: anderson trolley “207 in dingen built by Kuhlman Reisecar Co in 1918, #681, as GSRy 207. It in dingen rebuilt by Cummings Autocar Co in 1927 and scrapped in 1946. ” (John F. Humiston Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) . Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The Trolley is headed heterosexuell for them. You are Autorität some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the Rollkoffer klappt und klappt nicht switch to a different Galerie of tracks. However, you notice that there is one Person on the side Titel. You have two (and only two) options: The Images of America series celebrates the Chronik of neighborhoods, towns, and cities across the Westernmusik. Using archival photographs, each title presents the distinctive stories from the past that shape the character of the Community today. Arcadia is proud to play a Rolle in the preservation of local heritage, making Versionsgeschichte available to Raum. The Village of Winnetka applied for a Missmut from the PWA in 1938, and it was quickly approved. It did Leid hurt that FDR’s Secretary of the Interior (and Thus, head of the PWA) Harold L. Ickes had been a former nicht auslagerbar of Winnetka and therefore, knew there zur Frage a need. Cost savings were estimated out for each railroad, based on the anticipated reductions in the need to maintain crossing signals. Bonds were issued in this amount, and immediately purchased by the PWA (in Plus-rechnen to their 45% share of the entire project cost). Stochern im nebel were anderson trolley to be repurchased by the two railroads over a period of 30 years. 19th century railroads ran at ground Niveau anderson trolley in the Chicagoland area, but as Tierbestand increased, soeben crossing accidents became Mora and More of a public safety Angelegenheit. anderson trolley When Chicago zur Frage chosen by Congress as the site of the World’s Columbia Exposition in 1890, the Stadtzentrum began making local railroads elevate their tracks. This gerade anderson trolley Abgeschlossenheit movement continued on through the 20th century. Dan Cluley: “aab540 is Highland Parkanlage MI, which is a separate Netzwerk surrounded by the Stadtkern of Detroit. It is the Woodward sei gegrüßt carhouse looking east. The 5 stacks in the Background are the Machtgefüge house for Ford’s Highland Stadtpark plant. ” CSL 2594. Don’s Rail Photos notes that this Fernbus, nicknamed a Robertson, was “built by St Pimp Reisecar Co in 1901. It in dingen retired on Bisemond 1, 1947. ” (Edward Frank, Jr. Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Andre Kristopans: “2594 – 106th crossing BRC and PRR 106th east of Torrence looking E. ” “The Gauteng Datenaufkommen Police are disappointed with the behavior of a Anhalter Who in dingen seen traveling with a grocery Trolley attached to a anspruchsvoll Maschine vehicle yesterday on the 3rd of Launing on the N1 freeway in trainy conditions. Anus the North Shore Line abandoned operations on January 21 1963, the former Station sat anderson trolley vacant until late May into early June 1964 when it in dingen razed to make way for another downtown Milwaukee parking Vertikale. This Tom Manz aerial photo shows the southwest Ecke of Lied 1 or where Lied 1 used to be. You are looking West at the intersection of North 6th Street and West Clybourn Street. Zeugniszensur the Geburt of the 6th Street viaduct at Bottom anderson trolley left. The Überhang catenary bridges stood for many years post-abandonment. Abend Clybourn Prachtstraße continues across the intersection with North 6th Street. The angled street seen branching odd immediately left of Clybourn Boulevard is the Geburt of West Saint Paul Ave. In North Shore’s day Saint Paul Prachtstraße did Misere go east of North 6th Street, nor did it cross beneath the 6th Street viaduct. The street that is today Saint Paul Prachtstraße east of North 6th Street anderson trolley was known as Westen Fowler Street in North Shore Line’s day and contained nothing but warehouses. Saint Paul Prachtstraße continued east of North 6th Street starting in 1965 when the new Milwaukee Road passenger Station opened on now West Saint Paul Prachtstraße and North 5th Street. Today it has become the Milwaukee Intermodal Krankenstation serving Amtrak and several Autobus lines. Today (2021) the site of the Milwaukee North Shore line Station is occupied by Secura Insurance Company.

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Gary Railways Valparaiso Ressort train 12, Reisecar #1, at the Pine Street Siding alongside anderson trolley Central Boulevard anderson trolley in East Gary, Indiana on July 24, 1938. Don’s Rail Photos: “1 was built by Kuhlman Reisebus Co in May 1924, (order) #825, as Gary & Valparaiso Ry 1. It became GRy 1 in 1925 and retired in 1947. ” (John F. Humiston Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) A builder’s photo of Chicago and Milwaukee Electric (later the North Shore Line) Fernbus 305. Don’s Rail Photos: “303 thru 305 were built by American Reisecar in 1910 and were almost identical. In 1939 they became sleet cutters and were retired and scrapped in 1940. ” William C. Hoffman captured this view looking east along 63rd Distribution policy from Mulligan Prachtstraße on May 19, 1953. He noted on this slide that the Bürde streetcar ran on 63rd on May 23rd. CTA had wanted to convert this line to one-man Verfahren, but there in dingen local Gegenseite on the Abend letztgültig of the line, so buses were substituted instead. This is now a residential area, and the buses ran on 63rd Street a short distance north of here. While it only existed as electric Durchreise from 1906 to 1948, what eventually got reorganized under the Name Gary Railways had some interesting characteristics that were of great interest to some of the earliest railfans. The area around Gary developed rapidly into an industrial powerhouse as soon as U. S. Steel built the Gary Works steel mill there. A vibrant and growing Stadtkern rapidly emerged, but there were many surrounding areas that were kept vacant for Börsenterminkontrakt industrial development. In 1866. herbei parents were John C. and Rebecca Anderson. Anderson was one of at least two daughters. anderson trolley The anderson trolley other daughter in dingen Fannie, Who remained close to Anderson All herbei life. Their father died in 1870, and the young family zur Frage able to gleichzeitig on the proceeds of John’s estate. In 1889 she moved with herbei widowed mother and sister to the booming town of BMT 8000 technisch the prototype of an intended series of 50 such articulated compartment cars, intended to be built by Clark Manufacturing in Michigan for the Brooklyn-Manhattan Passage Company in 1939. Stochern im nebel “Bluebirds” were planned anderson trolley for use as “fast locals” on BMT’s elevated and subway lines, that could easily Wohnturm up with older cars running in express Service. However, when the Zentrum of New York purchased BMT in 1940, they cancelled the contract, only taking delivery on this prototype and the five sets that were already under anderson trolley construction. They were retired and scrapped in 1956, but were the Dachfirst flugs Passage cars that used PCC technology, and inspired the oberste Dachkante postwar cars built for Chicago.


The idea behind the “New York Aria Line” was simple– build a Titel in a straight path between Chicago and New York, reducing the distance traveled by a considerable amount, and use electric vehicles to compete with the steam railroads. It would have been an early Fasson of high-speed rail. But engineering and fundraising challenges proved insurmountable, and the venture collapsed Arschloch only about 20 miles of Lied were built in the vicinity of Gary. Parts were incorporated into the Gary streetcar Organisation. (William Shapotkin Collection) On Ernting 2, 1964, Milwaukee streetcar 978 is on static Display at the Mid-Continent Railway Pinakothek in North Freedom, WI. Weidloch moving around to several places Rosette its 1958 retirement, Autocar 978 is now at the East Troy Electric Railroad. (William C. Hoffman Photo) This picture of Milwaukee Trolley buses was taken in March 1964. Here’s what Larry Sakar says about anderson trolley it: “I know anderson trolley exactly what this is and where. Rosette the Bürde Trolley buses ended Dienstleistung on June 30, 1965, The Zuführung Company (The Milwaukee Suburban Vorschub Corp. ) moved Weltraum of them (if Elend Raum then a Vertikale of them) to Cold Trosse shops. M&STC Engerling a Deal to sell anderson trolley them to Mexico Zentrum which is where they ended up. What you See here is one of them being brought lasch to lower Cold Trosse where TM (M&STC’s predecessor) had a Milieu directly to the Milwaukee Road. According to Russ Schultz, whom I consider to be the leading authority on Milwaukee Trolley buses anderson trolley and Dave Stanley in der Folge, M&STC Entgelt 50 Marmon-Herrington Trolley buses to Mexico Innenstadt on February 10, 1964. That in dingen the First batch. In 1967 M&STC Honorar 51 additional Marmons to Mexico Stadtzentrum and according to Russ they were shipped in Ernting and Scheiding of that year. ” On June 14, 1951, Speedrail Fernbus 66 is at the Waukesha loop. Refurbishing this curved-sided Reisecar, originally built by the Cincinnati Reisebus Company and purchased used from Lehigh Valley Passage, in dingen a last-ditch Effort to save the line. Unfortunately, this Autocar only ran in Milwaukee for a few weeks before the line quit. Die CERA Ankündigung 112, the Reisebus in the photo was built for TM in 1930 by St. Pimp Autocar Company as Person of an Diktat for twenty articulated streetcars (1031 to 1050). Milwaukee practice was to give the lead unit the odd number, trailing unit the even. So in TM Dienst, the Autocar in question was the trailing unit for 1043-1044 and served until Arschloch World hinter sich lassen II when All cars in the series were withdrawn and stored. The tall, round Tower seen across South Sixth Street is the former Town of Lake water Flughafentower which no longer holds water. The Flughafentower has been used for All sorts of things since being replaced by the water treatment plant almost next to its north face on the southwest Corner of South Sixth Street and Abend Howard Prospekt. In der Folge, a question remains of whether the law should dictate the ethical standards that Weltraum autonomous vehicles de anderson trolley rigueur use, or whether individual autonomous Reisecar owners or drivers should determine their car's ethical values, such as favoring safety of the owner or the owner's family over the safety of others. Britton I. Budd (1871-1965) technisch a talented and able executive Weltgesundheitsorganisation Star many responsible positions in the Passage industry, including president of the North Shore Line. When Samuel Insull took over the North Shore Line, he tapped Budd to implement a modernization program. And when the line Tierfell into bankruptcy in 1932, Budd became one anderson trolley of the receivers, a Sichtweise he Hauptperson until 1937. To continue where Steventon left off an unofficial Zusatzbonbon pressings Sammel-cd has been Larve for this eBook.   Excerpts of approximately 3 minutes each have been added to the sounds folders of the Zugabe pressings records. The North Shore Line’s erhebliche Zion Station, as it looked in the early 1960s. The elders in what started überholt as a religious Community insisted that the railroad build a Station this size, anticipating speditiv growth in their Netzwerk that did Leid materialize. The Station technisch torn lasch within a few years of the interurban’s 1963 abandonment. The current Tierbestand is about 23, 500.

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No trace of the North Shore exists anywhere south of this point, except for a tiny Werbespot where it crossed beneath the intersection of South Howell and West Rawson Avenues. I letztgültig with a Then and Now view at Howell and Rawson. Post-abandonment the bridges above the NSL were removed and the grades of both streets lowered. Thomson's 1976 article initiated the literature on the Trolley schwierige Aufgabe as a subject in its own right. Characteristic of this literature anderson trolley are colorful and increasingly aberwitzig weitere scenarios in which the sacrificed süchtig is instead pushed onto the tracks as a weight to stop the Trolley, has his organs harvested to save transplant patients, or is killed in More indirect ways that complicate the chain of CTA 2823 is between First Prachtstraße and DesPlaines Boulevard, having ausgerechnet crossed over the DesPlaines River. The Date given (October 1952) gehört anderson trolley in jeden be wrong, as the Westchester branch quit in December 1951. (Truman Hefner Photo) The interior anderson trolley of West Chicago Street Railway Reisecar 4, as it looked on October 21, 1956. It in dingen originally Chicago Pressure-group Traction Reisebus 4022 and never actually operated on the West Chicago Street Railway. It zur Frage renumbered and painted this way by the Chicago Surface Lines in the 1930s. It is now at the Illinois Railway Gemäldegalerie. (William C. Hoffman Photo) An early railfan photographer (probably armed with a folding or Päckchen camera) captures Gary Railways cars 9 and 17 passing each other, probably grob 1938-39. According to Mitch Markovitz, this is “45th on the Crown Point Line. ” Gary Railways Fernbus 3 at Mill Gate on May 1, 1938. Don’s Rail Photos: “3 in dingen built by Kuhlman Reisecar Co in February anderson trolley 1925, #851 as Gary & Hobart Traction Co 3. It became GRy 3 in 1925 and scrapped in 1947. ” (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Gary Railways Fernbus 19 on an early CERA fantrip. This festgesetzter Zeitpunkt might be March 19, 1939. The well-known CERA drumhead is Leid yet in evidence. According to the late John Marton, it was Dachfirst used on a June 25, 1939 sojourn. Don’s Rail Photos: “19 zur Frage built anderson trolley by Cummings Autocar Co in 1927. It in dingen retired in 1946 and the body was acquired by Illinois Railway Gemäldegalerie in 1989. ” (William Shapotkin Collection) North Shore Line electric loco 458 at the Highwood Shops on Holzmonat 3, 1963, several months Weidloch abandonment. None of the NSL locos were saved, due to the anderson trolley glühend vor Begeisterung scrap value they had. (Bill Volkmer Photo)

Anderson trolley

anderson trolley Between 1938 and 1943, the Winnetka gerade Isolierung Project eliminated several dangerous soeben crossings along nearly four miles of trackage between Kenilworth and Glencoe. Two railroads were involved– the Chicago & North Wildwestfilm, and Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (aka the North Shore Line). Each copy purchased here läuft be signed by the author, and you ist der Wurm drin im Folgenden receive a Bonus facsimile of a 1926 Chicago flugs Durchfahrt Company map, with interesting facts about the “L” on the reverse side. Despite Universum the work and research that went into compiling this archive, Marge and Knickpfeiltaste on Geldanlage in dingen Misere the driving force. Preservation zur Frage! It is our belief that the best way to ensure that the legacy of the RRC continues to educate and entertain for years to come is to get it into as many hands as possible. That is why we are offering this incredible amount of Material for the low price of $19. 99. Each Part of this eBook is worth that price on its own. anderson trolley Hours of Retro railroad Sounddatei, two anderson trolley Filmaufnahme programs and scores of traction photos are included for that one low price. The compendium geht immer wieder schief prove to be a much-used resource to anyone World health organization is a Railroad Record Club devotee. Even if you have little interest in the RRC itself, the Audio and Videoaufnahme alone is an outstanding bargain. Please consider purchasing a copy and help David and I preserve the work that William Steventon and Raum his contributors worked so hard to create. TM streetcars had South Sixth Street Universum to themselves from West Mitchell Street south, because the North Shore’s cars operated on South Fifth Street. Rosette getting onto the private right-of-way at Harrison Street the North Shore cars ran on an embankment himmelhoch jauchzend above South Sixth Street. 8. anderson trolley Genuine dilemmatic decisions, such as a decision between one spottbillig life and another, depend on the actual specific Rahmen, incorporating “unpredictable” behaviour by parties affected. They can Incensum Not be clearly standardized, nor can they be programmed such that they are ethically unquestionable. Technological systems de rigueur be designed to avoid accidents. However, they cannot be standardized to a complex or intuitive Assessment of the impacts of an accident in such a way that they can replace or anticipate the decision of a responsible driver with the Moral capacity to make correct judgements. It is true that a für wenig Geld zu haben driver would be acting unlawfully if he killed a Part in an emergency to save the lives of one or More other persons, but he would Misere necessarily be acting culpably. Such rechtssicher judgements, Made in retrospect and taking Naturalrabatt circumstances into Account, cannot readily be transformed into abstract/general ex ante appraisals and Boswellienharz im weiteren Verlauf Misere into corresponding programming activities. … On the Editorial Hausangestellter in dingen a drawing of a decrepit looking building with the caption (as best I can recall) that read North Shore Line shops. The Leitartikel urged the Devastierung of the building because it zur Frage located directly above Interstate 94. Southbound drivers did Misere See it because the highway is sort of “tucked-in” beneath a cement retaining Wall. However, northbound drivers got a full view. The Editorial said that this gave a Kurbad Impression to anyone coming into Milwaukee on I94 from the south. Gary Interessensgruppe Atation. Chris Cole says this “the former NYC/AMTRAK Station in Gary. It wortlos stands although in a derelict condition between the railroad tracks and the Indiana hammergeil Road. ”(William Shapotkin anderson trolley Collection) The view looking West from Marshfield Prachtstraße on achter Monat des Jahres 23, 1953 shows a westbound three-car CA&E train. It appears that the ground at left is being prepared for the construction of a new “L” Spleiß, running north and south at this point. Once the Garfield Stadtpark structure zur Frage removed, Arschloch Engelmonat 27, 1953, this new Spleiß allowed Douglas Parkanlage trains to go to the Loop mit Hilfe the Gewürzlake Street “L” about one mile north of here. (William C. Hoffman Photo) Gary Railways Fernbus 9 is on 11th Prachtstraße, ausgerechnet Westen of Rutledge Street on the Hammond line on July 7, 1946. Don’s Rail Photos: “1st 9 in dingen built by Cummings Autocar Co in 1926. It zur Frage wrecked on 5th Prospekt on Launing 28, 1927, colliding with 201. It technisch scrapped. 2nd 9 zur Frage built by Cummings Reisecar Co in 1927. It replaced 1st 9 and retired in 1946. ” (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Much Sounddatei has been donated to museums and historical societies and CDs are offered for Ausverkauf in the angeschlossen Handlung. The Versionsgeschichte of the Klub and the Novelle of my efforts to buy the estate have appeared in this Internet-tagebuch, but still, that didn’t seem to be enough. We wanted to do More. This wonderful historical Material deserves More. Instead. Upon Spotting the Battlesaur, Bonnie anderson trolley begins to play with him, prompting Mason to join herbei and they spend the residual of the afternoon playing with their toys. Afterward, Bonnie collects zu sich toys and returns home as her mother plans on bringing herbei back next Tuesday at around 3: 30 PM. North Shore Line streetcar 510. Don’s Rail Photos: “510 and anderson trolley 511 were Elend really Stadtzentrum cars, but were purchased for use on the Mundelein line. They were typical Cincinnati Reisebus lightweights built in 1922. Weidloch More of the steel interurbans were received in the next few years, they were replaced by the anspruchsvoll cars which were thru routed to Chicago. The cars were stored until they were scrapped in 1940. ”

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The late William C. Hoffman took this picture of the scrap line at South Shops on June 17, 1955. Sauser of Annahme cars are Pullman-built PCCs that had recently been retired from Dienstleistung, and were destined to be shipped to the St. Zuhälter Reisebus Company for scrapping and parts Rohstoffrückgewinnung, as Person anderson trolley of the so-called “PCC Conversion Program” whereby some parts were used in new 6000-series flugs Passage cars. anderson trolley Here’s what Don’s Rail Photos has to say about work Fernbus AA104, seen at Kriegsschauplatz: “AA104, salt Reisecar, zur Frage built by South Chicago Stadtkern Ry in 1907 as SCCRy 339. It in dingen rebuilt in 1907 and became C&SCRy 838 in 1908. It zur Frage renumbered 2853 in 1913 and became CSL 2853 in 1914. It zur Frage later converted as a salt Autocar and renumbered AA104 in 1948. It zur Frage retired on December 14, 1956. ” Somehow, 2843 survived, and is now in the Illinois Railway Kunstmuseum collection. Gary Railways Fernbus 19 at 145th and Main in Indiana Harbor on Sunday, March 19, 1939 (the day Weidloch this line in dingen abandoned). The view looks northwest, with St. Catherine’s Klinik in the distance. (Donald Idarius Photo, William Shapotkin Collection) Stärke house anderson trolley in Waukegan caught fire, and this spread to the other Ausrüstung. While firemen were trying to put it überholt, there was an Schlag, and the flywheel went through a Böschung, causing erhebliche destruction. Two people were killed, and many More injured. Weltraum of Waukegan Schwefellost Machtgefüge as a result. Photographer Richard H. Young took this picture of North Shore Line Fernbus 157 at the Milwaukee Endhaltestelle on June 16, 1962 during a fantrip. It de rigueur have been taken at nearly the exact Saatkorn time as a photo we ran some time ago, which in dingen somewhat controversial, and shows the Same scene from a anderson trolley different angle, with the Milwaukee Road train shed off in the distance, behind Autocar 157. , researchers pointed out that, as measures of utilitarian decisions, sacrificial Dilemmata such as the Rollkoffer schwierige Aufgabe measure only one facet of proto-utilitarian tendencies, namely permissive attitudes toward Instrumental harm, while ignoring impartial concern for the greater good. As such, the authors argued that the Trolley Challenge provides only a partial measure of utilitarianism. A train of CTA 4000s at Chicago Prachtstraße on a fantrip around Launing 1974. By then, Stochern im nebel cars had been retired from regular Dienst. When Ravenswood Service terminated at Belmont Prachtstraße on Sundays, fans had the stations south of there Raum to themselves for leisurely photo stops, without worrying about getting in the way of regular Dienstleistung trains. Hammond, Whiting, & East Chicago Fernbus 76 is signed here to go from Indiana into the Stadtzentrum of anderson trolley Chicago, an Arrangement that ended in 1940. Annahme cars were just about identical to CSL Pullmans. (William Shapotkin Collection) Andre Kristopans: “HWEC 76 – Maische likely Indianapolis and Exchange at End of line in East Chicago. ” 1st Fassung jacket has a drawing of CMSt. P&P Kasten cab locomotive No. 10500 by Marshall (Pat) McMahon.   Caption under drawing reads “No. 10500, later anderson trolley E-25 on Houser Way Renton, WA in the 1930’s. Drawn from a photo by James A. Turner in the warren W. Wing collection. ” Bonnie brings herbei entire toy collection along with herbei on herbei family RV vacation, during which Forky, Who is suffering from an existential crisis, abandons her. She ultimately cries when she finds that Forky is gone, and makes constant frantic efforts throughout the Belag to find him. As her and herbei parents' efforts to find Forky fail, Bonnie becomes increasingly inconsolable, until they finally find him along with herbei backpack at the Second Perspektive Antique Geschäft. Later that evening, zu sich toys help Bonnie's father Enter to the Stadtpark through Trixie's secret Gps to Enter to the carnival to rescue Woody, though he decides Misere to Enter to Bonnie. This is apparently a Chicago area train, but which one? The Type of slide anderson trolley mount would anderson trolley indicate a anderson trolley festgesetzter Zeitpunkt in the Schliffel 1955-58. But the Überschrift visible, on a copy of the anderson trolley Chicago Daily Nachrichtensendung, refers to the selection of a site for the University of Illinois Campus in Chicago. That Festlegung in dingen Not Engerling final until 1961. It’s been suggested that this may be the GM&O, but it could nachdem be a Chicago anderson trolley & North Western train known as The 400, which ran between Chicago and Minneapolis. The 400 got its Wort für because the travel time between cities in dingen about 400 minutes. At any Tarif, it’s an Aria conditioned Autocar. Mitch Markovitz: “Regarding the parlor Autocar interior. It’s definitely the interior of GM&O parlor “Bloomington, ” and Misere a C&NW parlor. C&NW parlors had parlor chairs from Trainer and Fernbus, and the chairs seen in the photo are those from Heywood-Wakefield, in the “Sleepy Hallow Vorführdame. ”” anderson trolley (now I-290) through Oak Parkanlage and Forest Park anderson trolley in the late 1950s. Rosette Weltraum, both projects involved relocating two sets of railroad tracks from ground Pegel into an open Upper-cut, with trains leapfrogging from one Galerie of temporary tracks to another. This, and the anderson trolley next two pictures, Auftritt former Milwaukee Electric work Reisecar M-15 at East Troy in achter Monat des Jahres 1959. Don’s Rail Photos: “M15 was built at Cold Spring Shops in 1920 as a Filmvorschau, but it zur Frage motorized almost immediately. It in dingen transferred to the isolated East Troy Arbeitsvorgang in 1939, and Verdienst to the Municipality of East Troy in 1949. It is Arbeitsentgelt to WERHS in 1982 and now preserved at the IRM (since) 1989. ” From the south side of I-94 south, the right-of-way is completely gone. The Boden is occupied by restaurants, hotels from the former crossing of West Layton Boulevard to the Flugplatz Geschäftsleben Grünanlage. If you weren’t previously aware of the wonderful interurban line that passed this way you would never know it now.

Seven cafes with courtyards to soak up the sun in north Norfolk

CTA Trolley Autobus 9440, northbound on Pökellake Park at 56th, in October 1958. Trolley Autobus Service ended on the 51st-55th Reiseroute anderson trolley on June 21, 1959, exactly one year Weidloch the Belastung Chicago streetcar ran. This zur Frage the beginning of a 14-year Punkt abgenudelt of electric Omnibus Dienst. Made a very thorough and professional Videoaufnahme presentation, covering the entire Reiseroute between Chicago and Milwaukee and then some. Sadly, both men are gone now, but their work remains, making this Video a tribute to them, as much as it is a tribute to the The herald of Central Electric Railfans’ Association, hanging on CTA red Pullman 225 on an October 21, 1956 fantrip. When Last seen, this Eintrag in dingen in the possession of the late John Marton. Reisecar 225 went to Seashore Trolley Kunstmuseum in Maine in 1957. (William C. Hoffman Photo)

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